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Safexpress providing it’s services to deliver products more safely and conveniently. Get to know about Safexpress Tracking raise pickup request, creating GST invoice…


Safexpress is a logistics company which is one the most preferred companies to move your goods very safely. It started its service in 1997 with a mission to become an excellence in delivering with ensuring better success. The supply chain is very large with its extreme Knowledge Leader and Market Leader which does process in the logistics industry in India.

This offers Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting which are its major innovative types of supply chain services. The general stores are in most parts of India which does give a quick response to deliver the Goods anytime anywhere in the world. It also provides the fastest express delivery by moving the Goods in premium value to destination in less than a day.

Toll Free Number1800113113

Safexpress Supply Chain

This mostly connects with some major industries which widely use their services and ensure a comfortable delivery on time. Most E-commerce companies do use the Safexpress supply chain to move their goods to their personal customers. The business units as Apparel, Lifestyle, Clothing, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing automotive, engineering hardware, electrical hardware, FMCG, Consumer electronics and other industrial products.

It offers very quick service to the customer with supporting goods of most types and delivers them with utmost care. Goods with hyper care and delicate movement are moved with full responsibility by Safexpress service, which as well ensure no damage to the Goods in the entire journey.

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Safexpress Services

Here is a list of services which customers can use form the Safexpress. These are services which are being utilised as by the type of customer.

Service for Individual: Under this category, It provide the services as Campus2Home, Easy2Move, Sinik Express, Safereturs.

Services for Enterprise: This does provide these services to enterprise customers by Stock2Self, vendor Managed inventory, Virtual Warehousing, End to End Supply Chain management.

Service for Express Distribution: the express distribution is the fattest service which is thus an premium service from Safexpress. It does use options as Surface, Air, 3PL , Inventory Management, customized projects, and Reverse Logistics.

It supplies the goods under this logistics which comes from this list of industries. Apparels & Lifestyle, Automotive, Books & Periodicals, E-Commerce & B2C, Engineering, FMCG & Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Hi-tech and Institutional. The goods from the list industry types moved from one area to other with utmost care to their delivery address by Safexpress.

Safexpress being the biggest logistic company. It does bring innovative methods to support the customer and keep them updated about their shipment. The options as below do help to keep a good connection with the customer in every aspect.

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Safexpress Tracking

Whenever you use Safexpress, a receipt is provided which does contain the number of your shipment. This may used to track your shipment online by visiting official website or by visiting any nearest store to check your status.

Pincodes Served: This is one best option, as it is clear which pin codes are in the supported area of the company. It makes the customer clear that, if their destination is in this area then the customer can book their shipment and will not accept your request. This ensures that customers always supported with the service.

Virtual Cargo: This is one stop to book the Safexpress to supply your goods. The customer can anytime check their source and destination by selecting the mode of transfer. Here you can check the exact date of delivery with known updates.

Safexpress Pickup Request

Customers can directly use the Safexpress Pickup request form to get their goods moved from home to the destination. This option will bring Safexpress to your door and will then officially move the shipment.

  1. Go to the official website with
  2. Click on Pickup Request Form
  3. Select Pickup Type and enter your details
  4. Provide Your communication address with date to pick up
  5. Fill the details and as well as mention of good to pickup
  6. That’s it! The Safexpress executive will communicate with the given address and come to your address on the mentioned date. The process will be fully taken through online and the entire expenditure will be included in the Safexpress bill.

How to Create Safexpress GST Invoice

If you have used Saf express for your goods movement, then you can use your GST number to add to your shipment . Every goods that moved with an industrial mark must have the GST of the sender. It will generate through the Safexpress GST invoice page.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click on Support and then create GST invoice
  3. Select your Document Type as Waybill or Gate Pass
  4. Enter the number and click on Get details to fetch
  5. Provide your registered mobile number with OTP
  6. Enter your GST details and other to generate your Bill

That’s it, Once you have updated all details, the Saf express GST Invoice will be ready for your reference. Top add to your goods for movement without any interruption.

How to connect with Safexpress?

There are numerous ways that Safexpress allows them to connect with their customers. The customer can use the option as Email, Online Chat and Branch locator to find an easy way to communicate with Safexpress customer support. The support will be available round the clock to ensure there is no delay in response along with shipment.

Is Safexpress Safe to use?

Safexpress, a well named logistics company, it can use for any type of shipment. Customers can easily connect with Safexpress online or by their branch to move their shipment. Safexpress provides regular updates along with an easy approach to customers making their goods movement safe.

Does Safexpress do packing?

If you opt for a pickup request or take your goods to the Safexpress office. then will pack your goods as per their standard. An extra charge may apply for packing. But it does pack it very well such that the goods will not damage by any means.

How can I track my Safexpress shipment?

The consignment through Safexpress can be tracked with the acknowledged number. It is mandatory to have the consignment number for tracking the shipment. Safexpress through the online service or by visiting their branch.

What does Logistics Mean?

The word logistics means the process of handling the goods acquired, stored, and transported to the destination. This term use for the company and move the goods with utmost care and responsibility with their full responsibility.

Can I ask to return my Safexpress consignment?

The consignment once moved cannot be moved back through Safexpress. As the entire team will move the shipment and it can only return if the recipient denies the consignment. Only by this way, a shipment will return.

What if I don’t pay Safexpress Service charge?

The consignment booked at Safexpress does have a paid service charge. Only after making the successful payment, the consignment will move further or else it may stay on hold until you make payment.

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