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TCI Express and its services | How to register TCI Express and to raise pickup request at to send courier from your home to any destination…

TCI Limited was incorporated in 1958 with a logo of One Man, One Truck , One Office. Company today is a big chain of supply and a leading brand in Logistics solutions provider. TCI Limited offers various services in their logistics solutions with spreading its wings all over India.

There are very easy methods to book the TCI Limited and move your consignment with a reasonable price range. Logistics is a major source of transportation in present days and the TCI is entitled to hold the goods of various types from the source of domestic to the industrial types.

TCI Express

You can also become a regular customer of TCI by registering yourself, which brings you discounts and easy transportation if you hold any small-scale business.

ServiceTCI EXPRESS Logistics
Operational Head QuartersGurugram, Haryana, India
Customer Care18002000977
Financial Listing in Stock ExchangesListed in NSE / BSE

TCI Express Services

It’s being an international company for logistics, does provide various kinds of support to customers with different flexible types of movement. Here 25penny presents the detailed list of services that customers can use from TCI Express.

Surface Express

The TCI Express surface express holds 4 thousands plus locations in India with 705 districts in support. They hold over 40 thousands locations with over the same value of cargo pickup locations. The services include definite delivery, cash collection, Computerised support with having support of deliveries in holidays even.

Domestic AIR Express

TCI grabs the opportunity to pick up your cargo from the door to Airport and then transfer them to the destination city. In the Mini metros the cargo shipment may done within 24 hours and in major cities the movement does take around 48 hours. Multimode services with a combination of Surface and Air modes. The delivery collection is flexible to collect on delivery and give compensation for the late delivery.

International AIR Express

TCI holds international cargo shipping with its international office have installed in 208 countries. They give around 7 days free storage facility if required in their own warehouse for exporting consignment. They are experts in handling heavy commercial shipments with door to door delivery. Get the customized price on the transmit time with hold.

Reverse Express

TCI Express reverse express is a cost effective and effective manner with moving goods from the user location to the location of manufacture. It holds over 3000 points for pickup along with giving flexible packing service.


Moreover TCI e-commerce holds the B2C and B2B on multi model destruction for easy time delivery with value added features having cash or delivery flexibility. Movement from Vendor or Warehouse and to the inter warehouse. Packaging distribution and access to customers to their warehouse. So Intra city distribution, cash collection and the IT interface along with supporting holidays.

Priority Express

Firstly TCI priority express assures door to door definite delivery for non-commercial and commercial shipment. Also their service is in non-metro and metro locations with given money back guarantee options. So quick consignment movement as per your request with the quickest mode of transportation.

How to Register to TCI Express

If you want to be a permanent custom to the TCI Express, then you can use their online registration application and to create their official account .

  1. Go to the official website through
  2. Now click on Customer Login and then click on ‘New registration’
  3. Here enter your details as required and submit your details
  4. That’s it! you will receive your TCI password to your email, and you can anytime login with your credentials to book your consignment in quick time.

How to Raise TCI Express Pickup Request

Customers can raise online requests for their consignment pickup from the door. Here is an easy process to book your online pickup from TCI Express form in quick time.

  1. Go to the official website of TCI Express form your browser
  2. Tap on Pickup Request and wait for loading of the form
  3. Provide your details here along with source and destination address
  4. Verify your details and Tap on submit button to confirm the details
  5. That’s it, The pickup request for your TCI Express consignment has raised and the team will reach your home address for pickup based on your provided time.

TCI Express Shipment Tracking

  1. Open on your web browser
  2. Click on Track your shipment
  3. Enter your Docket Number issued at the time of booking
  4. Click Submit to get the latest tracking status of TCI express shipment.

TCI Express Service Grievance

  1. Open on any web browser
  2. Go to Quick Links available at the bottom of the page
  3. Click on Service Grievance to open
  4. Enter Name, Email Address, Organisation and other
  5. Select Type of Courier Service i.e. Air or Surface
  6. Provide Consignment Number issued at the time of booking
  7. Enter your suggestion or complaint
  8. Click Submit to send to the concerned authority of TCI Express

What is TCI Express Value-Added Services

In the international AIR express, the TCI value-added services are AD code registration, also Issue of Country of Origin Certificate, Legalisation of Documents, GSP certificate and Fumigation. Company as a reputed logistics provider, hence they give a money back guarantee if the delivery is not made on time. In every aspect the TCI protects your consignment and holds full responsibility if any loss during the movement.

Exploring TCI Express

This is a well-known logistics service provider in India which has spread its wings in different options to serve the customers.

  • TCI does have thousands of fully computerized offices
  • It holds 5 thousands plus dedicated and strong workforce
  • TCI has over 7000 trucks used for their consignment’s movement
  • It’s international movement have 4 Cargo ships for easy movement
  • In overall there are 10 million square feet warehousing space
  • TCI Express holds an 2.5 percent of India’s GDP with its cargo movement

How to Get TCI Express Estimation

TCI Express is an online tool to estimate the price that will be charged for the movement of goods. The Goods movement is based on the weight along with the destination and origin area.

  1. Go to the official website of TCI Express through
  2. Now click on Get your Estimate and wait for the page to load
  3. Enter the Origin are along with Destination in given space
  4. Enter weight of your Load and click on submit to search
  5. That’s it! The total cost for movement of your goods will display on your screen and you can calculate that from the show results. This price may fix and may increase based on the type of your Goods entered in consignment.

TCI Express Customer Care Email Address State/Area Wise

State / AreaEmail Address
Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kotarh.xaro
Karnataka, Hosurrh.xbro
Tamilnadu, Keralarh.xcro
Delhi, Haryana, Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwarrh.xdro
Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Nagpurrh.xhro
West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Assam & North Eastrh.xkro
Maharashtra (Mumbai Region)rh.xmro
Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Ambalarh.xnro
Maharashtra (Pune Region), Goarh.xpro
Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Biharrh.xuro

Can the TCI Express customer login password be changed?

The Customer login password may change anytime by visiting the official website of TCI Express. The option of forgetting passwords used from the Customer Login link from the home page of TCI Express. Provide your details here and verify your identity to change the password.

Is TCI Express a government Company?

TCI India limited is a Non-government company which is officially a public company that is classified as ‘company limited by shares. It holds a major stake in Indian government GDP with the international movement of Goes. Being a big company, it is always taken into consideration that they are a part of Indian government, but they are not.

What if I lost my package through the TCI Express movement?

The package movement of TCI Express, lost will fully insured by the company. The customer may give full money back with the applicable insurance value for their loss made by the company during the shipment. Customers should verify the insurance their package before the movement, else the insurance amount will not be provided.

What if the TCI Express consignment is delayed?

If the consignment movement will schedule for a definite time. Then customers will give respective compensation on the day of delivery. TCI Express will never lose the customer and will hold the responsibility for the delay. This facility is available for the consignment. It is in the express list along with terms and conditions applied during the time of movement.

Does the TCI Express pack on their own?

TCI Express does give an easy option to customers, for the packing of their goods. The entire packing is based on the type of goods to move them securely from source to destination. The package pack with all security and flexibility material. It is to ensure that your goods are not disturb in the third shipment. It will ensure no damage.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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