HDFC Bank Forex Remittance Charges for Inward / Outward

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Here is the list of HDFC bank forex remittance charges for inward and outward foreign exchange transactions, find the updated charges before doing any forex transaction with HDFC bank…

Well famous around the world and in India, HDFC is known for their excellence in the field of banking over the past few days, and they are also huge in the field of Forex transfer and trading with their Demat users accounts growing rapidly as they provide extensive support, features and low rates on the conversion rates through forex.

So, if you are already using their Forex service with Foreign Inward remittance or if you are someone new to this then you should learn that there are other costs involved through the forex transfer.

HDFC Bank Forex Remittance Charges

In this article, will indicate to you about the types of Remittance charges which incur to anyone who uses forex transfer as their source of trading through HDFC Bank, and this guide instructs you about the remittance charges for HDFC banking service via Forex trading alone.

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HDFC Forex Remittance Types

HDFC bank similar to any other charges two types which are namely Inward and Outward which we will explain in depth below with their charges.

Outward Remittance

This is the type of remittance charge which is incurred when a forex transfer of money or trading is done in a way that amount is transferred from Indian to any other country.

  • HDFC has basic flat rates for the Outward remittance which is very reasonable
  • If Money transfer or exchange is below $500 then the remittance charge is only INR 5000
  • If the bank transfer or exchange is above $5000 then the remittance charge is INR 1000

Inward Remittance

In the Forex Trading you will receive a lot of wire transfers from other countries. So, the charge incurred on the money from transfer or exchange flowing in from other countries to India is called Inward Remittance.

But the great part about HDFC is that there is no Inward Remittance charge that means you will not have to pay any additional fees or charge in case you receive any International payments.

HDFC Bank Forex Remittance Charges

Outward RemittanceUpto USD 500 = Rs.500 Flat
Above USD 500 = Rs.1000 Flat
Remittance InwardNo Charges

Source: HDFC Bank Service New Charges

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