Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS Codes for Instant SMS Banking

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Avail Kotak Mahindra bank services quickly using new SMS codes for banking transactions. Here is a brief note on SMS banking, the list of services offered, and Kotak bank’s SMS codes.

Kotak Mahindra Bank brings a list of services which can be checked through their SMS banking facility. Banking services are slowly moving towards the mobilization, which intends to bring some easier and convenient ways for customers to connect with their accounts.

The Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS banking is one such service, which allows them to know most of their account details even without using the internet connection.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

No need to access Net Banking page or visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch, to know the balance, few last transactions, last 3 months statement and more. There are long option which can be opted by a customer when they want to use the SMS banking service.

NameKotak Mahindra Bank
Official Sitekotak.com
Toll free number18602662666
Balance Enquiry number18002740110
SMS Code Sent to9971056767 or 5676788

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There are more potions which a customer can avail by using the Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS codes provided in their official website. These cows must be sent from a registered mobile number to receive the proper response.

Kotak Bank SMS Codes

Service OfferedSMS Syntax (SMS to 9971056767 or 5676788)
Account BalanceBAL
Last 3 TransactionsTXN><Last 4 digits of Account Number>
Last 3 Months Statement on emailSTMT>< Last 4 digits of account number><First 3 Letter of the month>
Statement on email for any periodSTMT>< Last 4 digits of account number><First 3 Letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the  year><End Period: Frist 3 Letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the year
New Cheque Book RequestCHQBOOK><Last 4 digits of account number>
Download Mobile AppMOBILE
Term Deposit /Fixed Deposit RenewalTDREN(SPACE) LAST 4 digits of fixed Deposit No OR FDREN><last 4 digits of Fixed Deposit No>
Know Your Credit Reward PointsCCREW><Last four digit of credit card Number>
Know your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)CRN
Generate / Retreive Your Mobile Identifier (MMID)MMID><Last 4 digits of account number
Cancel MMID for an accountMMIDREVOKE><7 digit MMID of your account>
Cancel MMID for all accountsMMIDCANCEL
Reinstate MMIDMMIDREINST><7 digit MMID of your account>
Holding Value of investment accountMFBAL><Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number
Holding Value Of Demat AccountDPBAL><Last 4 digits of customer relationshop Number>
Nearest ATMATM><6 digit pincode>
Nearest BranchBRANCH><6 digit pincode>
Regenerate Netbanking PINNETPIN><Last 4 digits of customer Relationship Numbe
Enable International Usage on debit cardDCENB><Last 4 digits of debit card number>
Activate Debit Card for use at merchant establishments (POS)POSACT><Last 4 digits of debit card number>
Activate Debit Card DCUNBLOCK><Last 4 digits of debit card number>
Recharge your mobileREC><Mobile Number><Telecom Service Provider><Amount><Lst 4 digits of account number>
Pay billPAYBILL><BILL ID><CRN><Lst 4 digits of account number><Amount>
Apply for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bijma Yojana (PMJJBY)JYOTI><Nominee Name>
Apply for Pradhan Mnatri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)SURAKSHA><Nominee Name>
Check your Kotak Bank Application StatusKACAPP><your XX digit Application Number>
Find APAC No Basis CRN NoAPACRGN><Vehicle No>
Loan a/c balanceLOANBAL><Application APAC no>
EMI detailsLOANEMI><Application APAC no>
Loan amount financedLOANFIN><Application APAC no>
Request for Loan Payment ScheduleLOANNOC><APAC no>
Request for Loan SOALOANSOA><Application APAC No>
Request for lOAN Repayment ScheduleLOANRPS><Application APAC No>
New Vehicle LoanLOANNEW><MAKE>
Insurance RenewalLOANINS><Vehicle No>
Vehicle in Possession with bankLOANPOS><CRN NO>

Can I link my Aadhar number through Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS codes?

The individual who is having an account with Kotak Mahindra Bank can use their SMS banking service to link the Aadhar Card number. The process is easy and they just need to send an SMS with the 12 digit Aadhaar number added with the last digits of their account number.

Is it mandatory to register with Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS service?

The Kotak Mahindra Bank does by default enable the SMS beaming service for the customer who has the mobile number registered with the bank. There is no need to register again, if you have registered the mobile number during the creation of the account.

Is Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS Service available without internet?

The SMS service to the toll free number provided by the Kotak Mahindra Bank, will work without internet connection. As these services use the common texting platform and don’t need any GPRS connection even.

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