iMessage Games to Play for Best Fun in 2024

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If you are searching for the best imessage games in 2024. So here is your search

Generally IOS has implemented the imessage games in October 12, 2011. iOS launched the imessage games in the platforms of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and some of their operating systems are iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS.

What is iMessage Games

Imessgae games are available in iOS devices and it is used for playing games from Appstore by sending a request through the message app.

iMessage Games
iMessage games

How to Play iMessage Games

Before you play games in imessage first you have to activate the imessage option in settings on iphone

  1. Steps to activate imessage option in settings
  2. Open settings in your device
  3. Tap on search to find message app and click
  4. Scroll down to find the imessage activation and click on it
  5. After activating you can directly go to the message app
  6. Steps to play games with your friends
  7. open message app on your device
  8. click on your friend’s conversation now tap on the Appstore icon in the bottom of the screen
  9. search for a good game that you and your friend likes
  10. after selecting the game drag the game into the conversation
  11. now the game starts and the turn will be yours
  12. after completing your turn you have to wait for the opponent
  13. after every turn completes you will receive a message to notify that it is your turn

NOTE : all this process applies only if you and your friend has a iphones or same operating system of ios and etc.

Best iMessage Games 2024

First you have to download the game pegion app and you will find a lot of games in that app.

Here are some best imessage games in 2024 and here are some suggestions.

8 ball pool

It is a game with a lot of joy which in present .people will never tired of playing this game. This game contains challenging and joy of playing. Click on the app name and have a try

  • it will help you in building up your intelligence
  • if you are having consistency then you can increase aim in your eyes
  • you can play this game in real world too

Game pigeon

In this app there will be a lot of games present and people enjoy to play it. Click on the app name and try it

  • This app contains a lot of interesting games
  • You can choose what ever game you want for free and some of them should purchase
  • Most of the games will be in free and you can enjoy it

Cup pong

It is a challenging and team game. You have to aim to some cups of your opposite side and make it fall by throwing the ball perfectly. You would love to play it. Click on the app name and have a try

  • This game contains some cups on the screen which is presenting in order of triangle
  • You should aim to those cups and you will have a ball with you
  • Then you have to shoot with the ball with perfect aim by tapping


This imessage game is a challenging game and you have to rescue the ball by tapping on the screen along the way. Have a try by clicking on the app name.

  • Bounce game is a very old game and still be the peoples favourite game
  • Its actually present in the nokia mobiles and later introduced on this imessage games
  • It is a game which we have to be moving the ball forward

Mario run

It is a app of having different levels in the game. You will be receiving coins in the game while running

  • it is very interesting game and it’s a challenging game
  • This game contains of a person moving forward to rush over gold coins
  • It consists of defferent levels

Truth or Dare

This game is most interesting game. You can play with your friends and know more about your friends. Or you can play with your loved once

  • It is a game which we can play with our friends relatives and loved once
  • This game is about having two options and choosing one option
  • Truth is to ask any question and dare is to do anything which the opponent will say


It is a game which you can play with your friends and by challenging them. You have to play when it comes to your turn and the turn will go to your friend

  • This game is very interesting game and it is a mind game
  • This game makes us use our brains more
  • It makes us think twice while we take a step forward

Word search

It is a interesting game and so many people like to play it. From kids to adults people love it. By playing it you will word power will increase

  • This game increases out brain power
  • It will helps us to learn English literature
  • It will be helpful to people those who want to learn spellings fast

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