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Getting trouble with IRS payment status not available. Here check the reasons behind not showing status of Stimulus payment and this helpful for accuracy of problem solving….

Stuck with a question on why you’re getting IRS Payment Status Not Available as your stimulus payment didn’t get deposited in account. There might be different reasons which might block this transaction which had led the IRS department to stick the money.

As it has already been seen that the IRS is in works to send the third round of stimulus checks and in a way to deposit millions of dollars to every qualified recipient. There are many who have received the money without any blockage, but few seem to have errors with some account details or corresponding to which they see Payment Status Not Available.

IRS Payment Status Not Available
IRS Payment Status Not Available

If you’re not the luckiest one, then it is an equation to raise and investigate why did not your stimulus deposit has been placed.

NameInternal Revenue Service(IRS)
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Toll free numberFor Individuals is 8008291040
For Businesses is 8008294933

IRS Payment Status Not Available

There are quite different reasons which you might have captured while trying to track the status of IRS payment. Just check if you have got any scenario from below and then try to overcome that if possible.

Reason 1 – Payment hasn’t been sent

This is one of the first reasons due to which you might have seen the IRS Payment Status Not Available. If the payment has not been scheduled yet form the IRS as the process does take longer time. the making and the checks will be sent to receipt which might be delayed through any means.

In case if your bank account details not found by the IRS then it might be easy that they don’t issue your payment.

Reason 2 – SSI and SSDI benefits

Do you receive payment from social security, veterans’ affairs or through any other means of benefits? As there are over 30 million beneficiaries of social security, supplemental security income, the railroad retirement board has not yet received their third round of payment.

As per the update form the social security department, the payment to this beneficiary is yet to eleased and it will proceed in a short time. So if you fall in this category, then you can sit back and relax as payment will release but might delayed.

Reason 3 – Money deposited to wrong account

In the first round and 2nd round of transaction form IRS, there are many cases that have seen that the money got deposit into wrong account. If the banking information is not correct or the error through clerical, the stimulus payment deposited into wrong account.

In case if you switched your bank in recent and your IRS details not updated with the new bank details, then there are cases that your money hasn’t got divert into online.

Reason 4 – Address change

In case you have your address changed by moving to a new location. The IRS still has the old address in file and has not updated with your new communication address.

In case if the IRS has sent you a paper check or debit card payment to the old address, then it might reverse and will have re-issued with the proper communication address. This will take us longer than expected with not having correct address details.

Reason 5 – Don’t Qualify

The very simple reason behind the scene, which we might not look at, is the income we generate. In any case your annual income increased over 80,000 dollars if single or 160,000 dollars as a couple, then you will not considered in the list of IRS payments.

The stimulus payment not issued for individuals with income over the said limitation. There are chances that you might feel you’re qualified but the IRS does look at every aspect and issue the payments.

Reason 6 – Unpaid Debit Bill

If you use a debit card and have unpaid bills in the queue, then that might have stuck to your stimulus payment. In recent, the last rounds of stimulus payments not considered with debt collectors. But this round of payment sent to consider.

Recently, the debt collectors of your Bills were in open hand to snatch the money. It was in the way to get deposit in your account. Once the stimulus amount deposited, the debt collectors will get their bills paid.You will not even be notified. The money processed through IRS, but your debt record has got it snatch which in turn clears your bill if any.

Reason 7 – Tax not Filed

Here is a big point that may seen, as the IRS payment has seen this time to look out to the taxation. If you claimed your income tax in 2020 or you haven’t filed the returns in 2020 then IRS payment will not process. In recent years if you haven’t filed taxes, then it will be difficult to process the Payment. Get your current income tax return field and get that update.

So that IRS looks for payments the process will get payment release. Update details of income tax might make you eligible for a third round of stimulus payment. Income tax returns even if made in 2018 but not in recent years may not considered. As the IRS system does look for a series of returns may paid by an individual.

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Track Stimulus Payment

Now here is the process to check your Stimulus payment. It might get you detail information about why you see IRS Payment Status Not Available error. The USPS informed delivery system updated with the details. There one can check for their paper checks or debit card payments if available.

As well there are tools such as IRS get my Payment Tool which will give you information on whether the payment is in line. In case if you see any error based on the above said reasons. Then it will be better easy to process then and try to overcome if possible. This way, it will conclude that you should either wait for your stimulus payment or sit back if you’re not qualified.

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