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Check the reasons behind the error Payment status not available and complete details for getting the error in detail with new implications…

Have you come across “Payment Status Not Available” when trying to make your payment. when on the IRS website through ‘Get My payment’ this error comes which might let you question the transaction. There are many conditions and situations which come into effect as a reason for Payment Status Not Available.

The payment will only processed if you have any of the reasons standing with not having a valid social security number. The tax return file or the social security number are mandatory to receive the payments. In case if your one form the long list of people then it might be a case that you have a different choice of payment error seen.

Payment Status Not Available

According to the IRS, below are the reasons for which the Payment Status Not Available error can seen by the customer while trying for the payment transaction to their account.

  • When your payment has not processed yet
  • When the IRS doesn’t have enough information to issue payment to you
  • If you’re not eligible for a payment

Here we bring you some detailed information about the ‘Payment Status Not Available’ which might clearly let you understand about these error you see.

payment status not availabl
Payment Status Not Available

Aren’t eligible for Payment

If you have a total income of more than 75,000 dollars in single or more than 150,000 dollars as a couple. Then your payment will deducted by 5 cents for every dollar which you earn above his limit. In the same limitation, if you have no kids. Also your income reaches over 99,000 dollars then you’re ineligible for a payment. As well if someone else had claimed you were dependent on their tax return. Even if you don’t have a social security number.

You don’t submit your tax return

The IRS does use the date of 2019 tax return for people who have filed for 2018 for people who haven’t filed. In any case if your tax return has not found adequate. Then you will be receiving ‘ status not available’ as the IRS didn’t process your return yet.

Non filter tool

The IRS must filled by the people to get their payments. If they are not required to file taxes or don’t receive any benefits. IRS has provided a non-filer tool, which went to use just 10 days before the Get My Payment site went live. The payment processing can processed if they use these tools. It will not process payment, if they don’t file by any tool.

Receive Social Security Benefits

Anyone who receives the social security number or other benefits don’t have to fill the tax return or use any of the non-file tools. Either of the ways are not necessary to get the payments. Because the IRS will get information from the social security number. If any of these processes failed by you, then you will receive an error of payment.

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