How to Redeem Canadian Tire Money online

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Canadian Tire Corporation has run a loyalty program named Canadian Tire Reward since 1958 and the company offers Canadian Tire Money.

What is Canadian Tire Money

Canadian Tire Money is not an actual currency, but it is a digital reward or coupon as Triangle rewards that the customers earn for making any purchase at the Canadian Tire Stores or any other affiliated retailer. The system works in the following steps

  • Earn
  • Receive
  • Redeem
  • Value
  • Expiration
Redeem Canadian Tire Money

Steps to Redeem Canadian Tire Money Offline

The money redemption process at is quite simple, just follow the below-discussed steps for offline

  1. Earn Canadian Tire money by making purchases either at the Canadian Tire Stores or their affiliated retailer. For this, having a Triangle Credit card for the purchase is highly beneficial.
  2. Check the points/Value – If you have made purchases many times at the Canadian Tire store, you must have collected the Canadian Tire Money in your Triangle card in the form of value, which is usually in cents. This will let you have an idea of how much money to redeem.
  3. Select the products – You cannot redeem your points before making a new purchase at the store. So, select the products for the purchase and go to the billing counter.
  4. Checkout – While making the final payment for the selected product, tell the cashier that you would like to use your Canadian Tire Money. Physical Canadian Tire Money bills, if any, should handover to the cashier at this stage. You can scan the card or the App if you have the money in the card or the App.
  5. Redeem – At this stage, the value of Canadian Tire Money agreed upon by you and may deduct from the total purchase point. The remaining balance may paid with any of the cards of your choice.
  6. Receipt – The receipt of payment contains the details of the amount of Canadian Tire Money used for the purchase and the remaining value left in your account.

Note – The Canadian Tire Money not used during the purchase used for making future purchases.

Redeem Canadian Tire Money Online at

The Canadian Tire Money may redeem online as well. For this just follow the general steps discussed below

  1. Go to the Canadian Tire website and check the amount, you need to check the website for any online redemption options available. Search for any current information or announcement regarding this.
  2. Log into your account at – In case, online redemption facilities are available you first need to log into your Canadian Tire Triangle rewards login account. You can log in to the App of the Canadian Tire or the official website. If you have not registered for the account, you have to Sign Up for it.
  3. Add items to your cart– Now, you have to browse the catalogue of the products available on the website of Canadian Tire and add some of the items to the cart that you need to purchase.
  4. Proceed to checkout – Once you have added everything to the cart you can proceed to check out.
  5. Redeem– At this stage, you need to look for any option related to online redemption of the Canadian Tire money. You might find an option labelled as ‘Apply for Canadian Tire money’. If you find it, select it.
  6. Enter your details– Here, you need to enter information like the serial number of the bill, and the amount you wish to use for the purchase from the total redemption value available.
  7. Purchase– Now provide all the payment information required to complete the purchase process.
  8. Review – Check your order again and confirm if Canadian tire money applied or not. If everything goes well come make the purchase.

Note: the specific process to redeem the Canadian Tire money may change from time to time. You need to check for the recent information on this site from time to time. For any confusion, you can contact their canadian tire customer support team.

Can I combine physical and digital Canadian Tire Money?

It is not mentioned. It is better to confirm with Canadian Tire.

Can full purchases at be redeemed online?

No, you cannot redeem Canadian Tire Money online on shipping and handling. Moreover, redemption benefits associates, only with some eligible merchandise.

Is it possible to redeem from a different Triangle Rewards Account by linking it with my Triangle ID?

No, it is not possible. The account may linked only to your Triangle Rewards Card/ID only.

Is the base rate for collecting the Canadian Tire Money the same for the associated stores like Sports Rousseau, Party City, etc.?

Yes, the base rate of collection of Canadian Tire money is the same for the associated stores is same.

If I have not registered for the Triangle Rewards card, can I redeem the electronic Canadian Tire Money?

No, it is not possible. You have to mandatorily register for the Triangle Rewards card. For more information, you may check

If during a transaction, we redeem the Canadian Tire Money, will we still be able to collect more Canadian Tire Money?

Yes, you will. The Canadian Tire money is collected on the balance of your transaction after the redemption has been made.

Is it possible to collect bonus CT money?

In case of in–store events/offers or special promotions you can collect bonus CT money.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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