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Fax services are undeniably one of the most secure and reliable modes of communication for any office work. Discover the wide range of fax services available near you and explore their various uses with confidence.

Fax is the time-tested and most reliable form of communication that is still preferred by many offices today. Despite the advent of digital platforms with various multi-application communication tools, fax services continue to be the most trusted and widely used by certain professionals.

For instance, medical agencies, government offices, legal firms, and similar workplaces rely heavily on fax as their primary mode of communication, and with good reason. When you need to ensure that your message is delivered securely and without any issues, fax is the way to go.

These communication types don’t even require a good interest option and there are still many service centres in States which offer Fax options. Many colleges and government agencies only accept Fax to ensure the details are provided to be correct. This is only a secured and most trusted way of communication for documents which is still preferred and opted by most people.

Fax Services Near Me

We bring you some detailed information about the Fax services nearest to you. Here is a list of service centres that offer your Fax option and might help you send your documents in one go.

Fax Services Near Me
Fax Services Near Me


Staples does provide you the option to send a Fax of one page at 1.79 dollar in local and if in long distance they ask 2.39 dollars. Sending a Fax to an international state will cost you around 6 dollar per page.

Office Max / Office Depot

The office depot also offers your services to send Fax with having 1 dollar charged for local area and increase to 2.5 dollar for long distance area. To send an international fax, the office depot charges you around 8 dollar per page.

United parcel service

The United Parcel service allows customers to send and receive the Fax. They charge 2 dollars for one page locally and the same price will be charged for long distance as well. To send an international fax, United parcel service charges you 8 dollars per page.


Get both side service from FedEx and FedEx makes it easier by holding your fax if any is received and will get it printed with a complimentary sheet when you arrive. They cost 1.89 dollars per page locally and 2.50 dollars for long distance Fax. Any international Fax from FedEx will charge you 6 dollars which is quite lesser compared to other service providers.


If you are a member of AAA, then you can make use of Fax service free of cost. Send or receive the Fax through AAA anytime without getting paid for it. These services are only restricted for AAA members and not for any outsiders.

Postal Annex

Fax services from Postal Annex do allow the associate to hold your documents in queue until you reach their office to pick them. The price of Fax service varies from location of postal annex store located.

Hy Vee

Hy Vee are in very limited locations and it is better to reach out to them through their official website. They cost 2 dollar per page in every location in limited boundaries and increase the rate if the distance increases to send fax.

Bank and Credit Unions

Do you find any bank or credit union center near you, then you can make use of them to get your Fax to receive or sent. Just connect with a bank teller or bank manager to help by receiving or sending the Fax for free of cost.

Hotels and Hostels

Most hotels and hostels do have a business corner in them. These corners mostly equipped with Fax machines which are free to use. As a customer, you can make use of this Fax service as per your requirement without paying any extra.


Libraries equipped with Fax machines and when we say libraires, then it doesn’t not mean all of them. So It is your risk to locate the library and investigate if that has a Fax machine for use. Hence Papers must taken by yourself to print, as fax machines in libraire will not have much stationery to use.

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Local City Council

In general the Local City politicians and representatives do have a well-equipped office for help of citizens. Thus if in luck, the Fax machine required in your local city council is working. Then You can make use of it for free and send your fax to any location without any restrictions.

Can I send a fax from Library?

Yes. But we can send fax through libraries and unable to receive. Papers taken out by ourself to print.

We have to pay for fax?

Yes. Generally it may depends on stores, libraries( Public or Private ), own fax machine, etc. It costs free for own fax machine like cost of landline phone call.

Is it able to receive a Fax without Fax machine?

Yes. We can receive a Fax through online by visiting FAX.PLUS web app on any web browser.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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