eWay Bill Number as per GST Regime for Vehicles

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Know detailed information of eWay bill number and it’s importance in these present days to carry as per the GST regime for the vehicles followed by some FAQs…

eWay bill is abbreviated as electronic Way Bill which is an unique document that is electronically generated from the specific movements of Goods. This eWay bill is generated from one place to another and also from inter state or intra state by having a consideration of Goods Value more than 50,000 Rs.

This eWay bill is calculated under the GST Regime. So that every transporter must ensure to have the eWay bill generated from either the supplier or transporter. Based on the announcement from March 23rd, 2018, the eWay bill has been made compulsory to be carried and generated for any goods transported as per the GST regime.

eWay bill Number

Every time an eWay bill number is generated an unquoted ABN number will be generated and allocated to the consignment. These numbers do help anyone to track the record and check if the goods that are transported are compliant. These will be made available to the transporter, Supplier and recipient such that they can track the goods transportation.

eWay bill number generation can be done by the registered pros using their username. It has been derived from the GSTIN Number to ensure that their records are being updated with GST. Thus the goods do fall under compliance.

eWay Bill Number
eWay Bill Number

eWay bill generation by the transporter using their updated PAN or Aadhar Number. They will be referred as unregistered persons with the GST. Still you can use the service by their uniquely given Trans ID.

What is the validity of the eWay bill?

The validity of the eWay bill will start from the time of creation of eWay bill. It will be for the 100 Kms for the first day. It will increase for the next 100 Kms for the very next day during the same eWay bill goods transportation.

What is required to get an eWay bill generated?

The documents such as the invoice or bill of supply or challan of Goods is an important one for eWay bill generation. As well the documents such as Vehicle Number, Trans ID , Date of Transport and such are required for the transportation.

What Goods will be calculated in eWay bill?

Any goods whose value is more than 50,000 Rs. If the consignment does have a value of entire individual goods to 50,000 areas to have an eWay bill. In any of the conditions and if the distance is interstate or intrastate the eWay bill is required.

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