Modes of eWay Bill Generation for Online Way Bill

eWay bill is a mandatory bill for the inter-state government for the goods of the consignment which does exceed the value of more than 50,000 rupees, and to have your goods that are being traveled to be compliant, once should submit the invoice and transporter details in the eWay System to generate the eWay bill.

Any person who does have the GSTIN number can directly register to get the username and let them access the page, and any other person who does want to access the eWay bill System can use their PAN number or Aadhar Number to get themselves registered with these tools.

The eWay bill which is generated does contain the QR code which can be used to have quick verification during any process or during any check post check during the transport.

Generate eWay Bill

eWay Bill Generation Modes

eWay bill is widely used by every transporter and registered person to move their goods without breaching any compliance, and here are some of the modes through which one can reach to get their eWay bill generated.

Web Online: The online website of the eWay bill system does allow you to access its system through the username & password. It is provided during the registration, and the registered person or the transporter. With their respective username or Trans ID, they can access the eWay bill System to generate the eWay bill, and there are options to be used as to how the eWay bill can be framed.

Android App: The eWay bill does also provides an official application that may download from the online website. The people who wish to use the eWay bill from their mobile can register themselves and get the Android download link through an SMS. Once the installation done through your IMEI number, the Transporter can access the page using official login details.

SMS Based: This is an SMS facility, also used by the person to get eWay bill Generated. This option is only available for the registered person and can easily send the pre-defined code through SMS from the registered mobile number.

  1. Why does a transporter need to Register with an eWay bill?

    There are many transporters who don’t have registered themselves with the Goods & Service Act, and these types of the transporter are not allowed to get the goods transported in their consignment. In order to make their trade compliant, they need to enroll themselves with the eWay bill and get a 15-digit Transporter ID generated.

  2. Who can generate an eWay bill?

    The registered person, consignee, transporter of goods is valid to generate the eWay bill, and any other person who is not registered can enroll under the common portal and generate the eWay bill for movement of their goods.

  3. Does generating the eWay bill charge?

    No, the eWay bill generation is free and anyone who has got access to the eWay bill System can anytime get the bill generated, and this tool is free and anyone with a valid GST bill or Trans ID can generate the eWay bill.

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