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Be aware of eChallan, Find Traffic Violations and Know the process to make eChallan Payment Online and also through Offline and traffic violation

The government of India has brought the New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, under which the new technology may replaced to track the traffic rule violations. These acts will bring strict enforcement and higher penalties to improve road safety consideration and avoid the unchecked challans due to lack of manpower.

There have been numerous accidents on the road due to irregular driving, no license driving and many other points. A Challan being issued to ensure that violating drivers are given a strict penalty and that might warn them to drive the vehicle carefully next time.

A challan will be issued based on the type of violation one has been and it might be of any amount. Vehicle drivers will have no second word if a traffic police has issued a Challan with a proof of their violations.


What is eChallan

Challan is a paper officially issued by the traffic police to the vehicle driver for violating rules. Every challan issued on violating the rules and regulations in India which defined by in Traffic rule. Once a Challan issued on your name may reflect through your vehicle number or through your driving license.

As per the motor vehicle act 1988, the traffic police will have the authority to get your bill paid at any time even when driving on road. This may asked to clear the Challan in due time, to avoid the consequence. To safeguard the road rules and bring safety while driving it is very much important to issue Challan to every driver if they have been in violation.

The traffic police have been missing many vehicle driving violations due to lack of manpower and the proof of violation. Thus to overcome these, the concept of eChallan brought by bringing the electronic platform in picture. The eChallan a computer-generated challan which issued based on a picture proof taken by the traffic police or through any traffic camera onsite.

In further, the eChallan will directly issued and sent to the registered mobile number of the driver. Thus this reduces the effort of manpower and increases the concept of tracking the violations. Every single mistake or violation against the traffic rules will captured in camera and the vehicle driver issued with eChallan on spot.

The track of eChallan is also though online by using the page, thus any traffic police throughout India can track the violation and get hold of traffic violators. The data of violation will be available every and that makes the driver mandatory to clear the eChallan dues in time.

eChallan Traffic Violations

An eChallan issued to an individual if they have met with any of the violations from the traffic rules. To avoid these here some violations listed for your reference.

  1. Jumping Red Lights
  2. Cross Zebra Crossing when Red Light is On
  3. Driving without helmet
  4. Four-wheeler without seat belt
  5. Driving an unauthorized vehicle
  6. Driving without a valid license
  7. Over speeding the vehicle in restricted area
  8. Drunk and Driving
  9. Driving with an insurance policy on vehicle
  10. Sounding heavy horn in school or hospital zone
  11. Causing traffic obstructions

Working of EChallan

It is much required to know how an eChallan processed and does engage you in traffic violation even if you have just crossed the line. The enhancement of computers has brought many easier ways to track the violations that seen on the road. Here are the basic steps that followed by the traffic fuel to generate the eChallan.

  1. There some CCTV cameras installed at every signal and restricted zones. On the other hand cameras are provided to each police officer to capture regulating incidents on road. Thus in this way, eChallan captured by the traffic cops every time, they see some traffic violations. In this manner every violation that happening on the road will capture and directly loaded to the department office.
  2. In the second stage, the automated computer software does detect the vehicle number, or a police officer will check the details of the vehicle and issue the challan. Thus issued challan will directly updated to the registered mobile number of vehicle number.
  3. Once an eChallan has issued, it required for the defaulter to pay the challan amount. It should be with direct link provided to avoid any consequence. The police team will keep a track of eChallan of a particular vehicle. It asked to make payment on time.
  4. Have you got an eChallan issue for violating the traffic rules, then it must to make payment on time? Here are some easy processes that might help you to get the eChallan payment on time through an online or offline process.

EChallan Payment Online

If you want to pay the eChallan online, then here is the easy process which will update your challan payment in a quick time. make sure you follow these steps and properly make payment for your eChallan issued.

  1. Go to the official website of your respective state form your browser
  2. In the home page, select type of way for which the eChallan is issued
  3. Select either vehicle Number, driving license form the menu option
  4. Provide the details and enter security code to search your details
  5. The eChallan issued on your details will be displayed on screen
  6. Choose the challans form list and tap on Pay button to make payment
  7. Select any payment method form online option and make payment
  8. That’s it, Once the eChallan payment has been processed through online payment, then you will be provided with receipt of payment successfully. These will clear all violations on your vehicle number or driving license.

EChallan Payment through Offline

Have you got a message or received an eChallan through the traffic police? Then you can move to make payment offline by following the below list provided.

  • Locate and Visit the nearest traffic police station in your zone
  • Provide your driving license or vehicle paper to search for eChallan
  • Confirm the payment paid and handover the cash to cashier
  • The traffic police officer will clear your dues on system
  • That’s it, Once the payment confirmed, you will free from the violation of traffic rules. You can freely move your vehicle on the road without fear from traffic police.

What happens if I don’t pay eChallan?

An eChallan issued by the traffic police or through the computerised process, must be paid within quick time. In failure to make payment the traffic police will track your vehicle and will have authorization to seize your vehicle anytime when caught. The defaulter must ensure to clear dues on time to avoid any punishment.

What happens if eChallan is issued for the same reason?

There are few reasons for which traffic police will not track the defaulter even if they got issued with eChallan. But drunk driving and other similar types of reasons are found multiple times. The license of the driver will be cancelled and will be sent to court for further punishment.

How to avoid eChallan?

The only thing to avoid the eChallan, is to follow the traffic police strictly even if no traffic police is on the road. There are numerous cameras installed on the road, which might capture your wrongdoing and get your eChallan issued without notice.

How soon will eChallan payment be reflected?

If you have paid the eChallan payment through online mode or offline mode, the online eChallan website will get updated instantly. The payment will be processed and will clear the challan from your vehicle number which was issued. As you might have a payment receipt, it will act as a proof of payment for eChallan.

Is there any time to make an eChallan payment?

As per the traffic rules, any violation made by the vehicle driver must clear the eChallan in 15 days. Having cleared the dues within in due time will not bring your name in violation. This will keep you protected on road form sudden stopping by traffic police.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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