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Confused for receiving messages like DOPBNK on your mobile. Don’t get worried about DOP Bank full form, it’s an official message sent from Department of Post Bank, Just check the full form of DOPBNK…

DOP Bank Full Form

You might want to know more about DOP Bank because you might have received a literal SMS to your mobile from DOPBNK and this might actually be a straining matter to you. Before we continue, DOPBNK or DOP Bank full form actually stands for Department of Post Bank.

It is a Government entity under the main division of Indian Post Payments Bank (IPPB). It signifies that the messages you might have received are not fake and are genuine.

Name of BankDepartment of Post Bank
Official Site for
Toll free number for Customer support18002666868
Toll free Number for ATM/ debit card, mobile/ internet/ SMS banking related issues18004252440
Toll free number (for Phone Banking)155299


DOP Bank Fullform
DOP Bank Fullform

DOPBNK Full Form

So now you know that DOP and DOPBNK both are literal abbreviation for full form Department of Posts. This is another banking institute by the Government of India, under IPPB which allows you to use their banking services similarly to any other banking service.

There are no other full forms or meaning to this other than Department of Post Bank. This will only contact certain users who might register with them in regards to their banking transactions, alerts and more. In case if you’ve contacted regardless of your non registration and no account opening with the DOP Bank. Then you can ignore those messages.

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What is the full form of DOPBNK?

The full form of DOPBNK or DOP bank is Department of Post Bank

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Is there any different way to withdraw money without visiting Branch?

You can easily withdraw money from ATM nearby with your Debit card. DOP bank give a debit card after opening saving account and you can withdraw money five times at post office atm with free access.

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Can I use online services of DOP bank?

Yes. Now it is possible to use online banking service of DOP bank. You can withdraw money from your account or apply for a loan and many more services are present to get access through it.

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