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In the world of digital advertising and marketing, managing your online budget effectively and maximizing your return on investment is crucial. That’s why email marketing services can be a game-changer.

Once you’ve acquired email contacts through your business, you can leverage them multiple times to send powerful branding and marketing messages. With email marketing, you can confidently reach a wider audience and grow your business like never before.

Across the world, Email is the second most preferred marketing channel and that is why you want to look for the best email marketing service that can help you engage with your audience.

Through this article, 25penny will guide you across different email marketing services and the reasons as well that you need to consider while choosing the best service for your email needs.

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Well, if you are going to choose between different email marketing services then you need to ensure that the ESP you select is based on the needs and requirements of your business as listed below.

Email Contact List: The number of email audience that your ESP can handle at what rates

Email Cost: Each ESP has their own pricing, while some have unlimited contacts while few charge on the number of emails sent.

Integration with your CRM: When working with an ESP you want to automate the flow of leads i.e, your business email audience from your CRM to ESP directly without manual intervention.

Automation Abilities: You need to ensure that your business is able to use both generic email automation and Ecommerce email automation in case if you need Ecommerce as well.

Best Email Marketing Service

If you are ready with your requirements then head down to the list of best email marketing services and select for yourself based on your needs which one stands out.


If you are either a small, medium, large or even an enterprise with millions of email contacts then MailChimp is there to help you with your marketing efforts in email. It starts out with a 2000 email contacts free plan which you can use to understand how the platform works and it goes steady with both the pricing in terms of emails sent and contacts loaded as well.

In terms of pricing, the beginner account starts from around $49 where it can go as high as $200 to $1500 as well for up to 10K contacts to 1M contacts. Few other reasons why this would stand top on our list is because it has a box UI builder that allows you to build email templates of all sizes and test them across automations as well.


Are you looking to move your email marketing more toward the automation side? If yes, then Klaviyo would be a great fit for your brand because it not only has normal email automations but does provide you with a complete suite of ecommerce email automation enablement.

You might wonder that with Ecom automation and custom created workflows, the price might be higher right? But do not worry because their basic charge for 2K contacts is only $59 whereas for 2K – 5K is $120.


In case if you want to move ahead with simple email marketing automation then SendGrid would serve as a good purpose because it provides you with a simple interface for creating your email campaigns, audience management and campaign analytics as well when sent out.

Though it might take time to get approval on your account and the audience upload done, their deliverability rates are really high which makes your domain deliverability better, helping your email campaigns.

Other Alternative Email Marketing Services

The above 3 would be the best in the email business but there are few more ESPs as well which are good to consider but are in line after the above 3 only.

  • SendInBlue
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailJet
  • GetResponse

What are email marketing services?

Any email platform that enables the customers to upload their audience email contact list and send campaigns either in general or automation are called as email marketing services.

What are the 4 types of email marketing?

The 4 types of email marketing are (1) Promotional emails (2) Transactional emails (3) Automation emails (4) Bulk emails

Which site is best for email marketing?

To be precise, which email marketing service would be better depends on your requirement such as your audience contact list to whom you want to email and your budget as well.

Bulk email marketing service provider?

GetResponse and MailJet are two of the many reliable providers for bulk email marketing.

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