BSNL Fiber Plans 2024 (Bharat Fibre Net at Discount Offer)

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BSNL Fiber plans bring an unlimited speed up to 300 Mbps throughout the month with no limitation on FUP. The unlimited download and upload limit from BSNL does help the customers to achieve their expectations. To have no buffering video streaming or to have a clear video conferencing, the BSNL Bharat Fiber Plan may the best chosen.

We all know BSNL Fiber fully referred as BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband service is one the most trusted Network service provider in India. BSNL is a government organization telecom company which brings security at its first and gives unstopped service to their customers.

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Customers can make use of any plan which changes from minimum limit of lowest speed to the highest speed with one select option. BSNL does have their dedicated customer service to support them for these particular services all around the day. Let’s check different BSNL Fiber plans available in market at discounted prices for 6months and yearly subscriptions.

BSNL Fiber Plans

BSNL Fiber Plans

BSNL Internet Plan NameDownload Speed (Per Month)Rent in Rs per month6months Discount1Year Discount Price
Fibre 999(Rural)25Mbps till 50GB, then 2Mbps999 for 6monthsNANA
Rural FTTH Voice U/L10Mbps till 10GB, then 1Mbps249
BSNL Home WiFi / Ghar Ka WiFi (Rural)30 Mbps till 1000GB, then 4Mbps3991999
Urban FTTH Voice Unlimited10Mbps till 20GB, then 1Mbps299
Fiber Basic Neo30Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps 449 for 6months, then migrates to 499 planNANA
Fiber Basic40Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps49927455240
Fibre Basic Plus60Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps59932956290
FibreBasic Plus OTT60Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps with Disney Hotstar Super666
Fibre TB Plan100Mbps till 1500GB, then 5Mbps777
Fiber Value OTT100 Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps799
Fibre Value Plus100Mbps till 3300GB, then 10Mbps84946708915
Superstar Premium Plus150 Mbps upto 2000GB, then 10Mbps with Free OTT999549510490
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 4000GB, then 15Mbps1299
Fiber Premium Plus OTT200Mbps till 3000GB, then 15Mbps + Free OTT1499824515740
Fibre Ultra OTT300Mbps till 4000GB, then 15Mbps + Free OTT1799989518890
BSNL Fibernet Plans

BSNL within the competitive world has come with Fibre Optic cables laid all across the states. This way the broadband speed with unlimited data limits achieved by the BSNL and seamlessly provided to their customers. The internet now a major medium which used to communicate to one another.

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What are the installation charges for BSNL Fibre?

BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband will come with free installation and added with OTT subscription for the very first time having chosen a half yearly or yearly plan for subscription.

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Does BSNL Fibre Broadband offer free router?

Yes, BSNL Bharat Fibre Broadband comes with free router as a combo offer for long term package like half yearly and annual plans.

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Is BSNL Fibre Broadband available in all areas?

The Bharat Fiber which despite the BSNL Fiber plan almost spread in all prime locations of cities and Towns. BSNL has its telecom communication network in all corners of states and in similar it has fiber channel layer in all urban and rural areas to attain higher internet speed.

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