BSNL Air Fiber Plans for Unlimited Wireless Internet

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Get Air Fiber Plans of BSNL for better internet speed and unlimited data. Just check complete information about BSNL Fibre Plans and benefits of it…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited brings its Air Fiber Plans which are exclusive for customers who keenly depend on their Mobile Network. In the regular Recharge Plan of BSNL, there is only a limited speed of internet along with a limited FUP limit.

ServiceBSNL Air Fiber Plans
BSNL Customer Care number18003451500

If you’re working from Home or from any remote area where there is no proper cable broadband of BSNL or any WiFi connection. Then BSNL Air Fiber can preferred. This plan has been exclusively brought to bring an alternative to the Wi-Fi. As well to have an easier way of connection to customers.

BSNL Air Fiber Plans
BSNL Air Fiber Plans

BSNL Air Fiber Plans are best for the remote areas to have customers use their mobile data. As well mobile hotspot to connect to multiple devices without actually requiring the wired network. BSNL having its wider range of network in all remote areas. It does actually provide a better service on wireless radio waves.

BSNL Air Fiber Plans

PlanAirFibre BasicAirFibre Basic PlusAirFibre ValueAirFibre PremiumAir Fibre UltraAir Fibre Ultra Plus
BandwidthUp to 30 Mbps till 3300 GB, then 2MbpsUp to 40 Mbps till 3300 GB, then 4 MbpsUp to 50 Mbps till 3300GB, then 6 MbpsUp to 70 Mbps till 3300GB, up then 10 MbpsUp to 80 Mbps till 5000GB, then up to 15 MbpsUp to 80 Mbps till 7500GB, then up to 15 Mbps
Monthly Rent (Rs.) without GST499699899119929956995
Yearly Advance Payment (Rs.) Rs. 5988Rs. 8388Rs. 10788Rs. 14388Rs. 35940Rs. 83940
Static IP Address (On Request)NANANAOne@ Rs.2000/- p.a. additional1 Free1 Free
Security DepositRs. 500/-1 Month Rent1 Month Rent1 Month Rent1Month Rent1 Month Rent

Benefits of BSNL Air Fibre Plans

BSNL does have a minimum monthly package and yearly package in BSNL Air Fiber plan. This initially started with minimum 30 GB speed and goes up to a limited of 3300 GB FUP limit. This way customer can easily connect to their business without any internet issue. As well have their unstoppable streaming with good speed.

What is the speed of BSNL Air fiber?

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is giving a maximum speed of 80 Mbps under their BSNL Air fiber Plans to their customers. Based on the price range of the BSNL Air Fiber plans the speed varies which is said to be always the same throughout the subscription month.

What is BSNL Air fiber?

BSNL has got the BSNL Air Fiber into the market by aiming to bring good internet connectivity to remote areas and villages. This service is a part of BSNL Air Fiber plans which allows customers to enjoy high speed internet with their mobiles without actually using any wired connection.

Is BSNL Air fiber simulator BSNL Fiber Connection?

BSNL Air Fiber doesn’t use optical fiber connection for the internet as BSNL Fibre does. The BSNL Air Fiber is fully based on Cell towers which are built by MTN and with an upgraded technology; the speed of the internet is increased through tower connections.

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