Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment Online and Offline

If you have a credit card payment from Standard Chartered Bank which is a British multinational banking service that is widely spread across the whole world including many branches across India then it is wise and through this article we will be helping you through the credit card payment process.

If you have already taken out credit using the credit card limit then you should have received the EMI due dates or the payment due dates by the time which you have to make clear of all the payments asked about.

Types of Standard Chartered Credit Card Payments Accepted

As a customer, you might already know what this banking service provides more than dozens of different credit card types which can be availed and used by customers like you, and for those customers below is the list of their credit card types who can follow our guide to make their payment through online easily.

  • Emirates World Credit Card
  • Yatra Platinum Credit Card
  • Platinum Elite Credit Card
  • Landmark Rewards Platinum Credit Card
  • Platinum Rewards Card
  • Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
  • Super Value Titanium Credit Card
  • Ultimate Credit Card
  • Bajaj Finserv World Credit Card
  • Visa Infinite Credit Card

In case if you have any other newly launched credit card as well then you go through our payment process below because the method would be the same.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment Online

Basically, this banking service is widely recognized all across the world and in order to ensure that the customer like you can make their credit card payment through any form, they have allowed a payment to be made via different sources which are listed below.

  • Online banking
  • Other Credit card payment
  • BillDesk
  • PayTM

So out of all the above payments methods we will be showing you the payment process through few of them that are widely chosen and selected by other SC customers as well.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment via Bill Desk

Bill Desk is an Indian government provided payment platform which is most secure and known to be best out there for making any type of bill or credit card payment which is why you can go through the steps to make your standard chartered card payment from the bill desk service.

  1. Open the Standard chartered credit card payment bill desk official page from here
  2. Then on the page, you need to follow the below process and enter the required details
    • Select Card type from Visa, Mastercard & Card Loan Account
    • Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card No
    • Re-enter Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card No
    • E-mail ID
    • Mobile Number
    • Payment Amount (Rs.)*
  3. Select Payment Option: Here you need to select the payment option which means you need to select the bank through which you will be making the payment
  4. You can on the next page select whether to pay from a debit card, credit card, or even online banking from your selected payment bank service.
  5. Then click on the Pay Now button and you will be redirected to your selected banking service payment gateway where you can select to make payment via
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
    • Online Banking
  6. Finally, make the payment and you will be redirected to the Bill Desk page and receive the confirmation that the payment has been successfully completed.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment via PayTM

After the launch of PayTM, millions of Indian have started using its service and it is evident that making credit card payment through it has become a lot easier for everyone since it is now a common payment app.

Follow the instructions below where we show you how to use PayTM app to make your SC credit card payment.

  • Go to the PayTM app or official website
  • Select the Credit Card Payment option or follow this link from here
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Fill in the amount due
  • Make the payment using any payment gateway as per the convenience.

How to Make Standard Chartered Credit Card Payment Offline

This is an essential question which arises to those users and customers who might not have the facility or the ability at present to make the payment through online can follow the below mentioned types of offline payment methods.

  • Cheque and cash payment
  • Payment Appointment

So make sure to follow with any of the above-identified options with clear steps for payment of your Standard chartered credit card due bill and improve your CIBIL score credit rating.

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