Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement New Guide

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Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

If we talk about the removable water filters, Samsung tops the chart, and the Samsung refrigerator water filter removes all the contaminants from the refrigerator’s water, be it for the ice water or dispenser.

Here, I am discussing refrigerator water filters, not home water filters. Samsung offers a variety of refrigerator water filter for both internal and external types.

All Samsung devices come pre-installed with filters, but if you want to replace the filters for some reason, make sure that you are using genuine and specific filters which are supported by your model.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter
Samsung Refrigerator

Remember, if there is a lot of contamination in the water, consider Samsung’s refrigerator water filter as only one component of your comprehensive water treatment system. Do not rely completely on it.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

Do not be in a heist whenever you want to replace the Samsung refrigerator.

Make sure that you check and follow the following points to ensure that you are purchasing and installing the best Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

  • Know the type of filter – You should know whether your refrigerator uses an internal or external filter. Which is the perfect one for you?
  • Select the filter according to your refrigerator model – Once you know which type of filter is installed in your refrigerator, you need to check the model of your refrigerator as well. Purchase a filter that suits the model of your refrigerator.
  • Know where to install the replacement purchased – Locate the filter –it will either be inside (for internal filter) or it will be outside attached to the water supply line (for external filter).
  • Stop the supply of water – While replacing the filter, make sure that you should turn off the water supply, or there will be a sudden gush of water. Usually, you will find a valve below the sink or near the water pipe.
  • Turn the Pressure button on – There are pressure release buttons on some of the Samsung refrigerators. Locate it on your refrigerator and then turn it on to release it.
  • Remove the previous filter – You are now ready to remove the filter. Check the filter housing and unlock it. Pliers or wrenches might be needed for the same.
  • Install the new filter – Now, you have to remove the protective capping (if any) of the new filter and then install it. Lock it in place by using pliers, etc.
  • Turn On Water Supply – Now, you can easily turn on the water supply. Recheck, if there is any leakage. For a few minutes, let the water flow through it, as it flushes out any particles or blocked air.
  • Turn on the light of the filter indicator – Some of the Samsung Refrigerators come installed with the indicator light. This light tells when it is time to change the filter.

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How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung SidebySide Refrigerator

If you want to replace the water filter in the Samsung sidebyside refrigerator, just follow the steps discussed below

  1. According to the refrigerator’s model number, search for the filter type. Make a purchase.
  2. Remove the packaging of the new filter carefully.
  3. Now, turn off the water supply
  4. Locate the old filter which is generally located inside the compartment of the refrigerator.
  5. Dismantle the old filter.
  6. Install the new filter
  7. Reinstate the water supply.
  8. Flush out the water from the new filter to remove all the impurities.
  9. Reset the indicator of the filter. Follow the manual instructions.

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How to Replace Water Filter in Samsung French Door Refrigerator

To replace the water filter in Samsung French door refrigerator, just follow the steps discussed below –

  1. First, turn off the water supply.
  2. Search the outward surface of the old filter to grip the ridge and pull it out. The counter-clockwise turn will help to do it.
  3. Install the new filter. Turn it clockwise to install it.
  4. Now, place a sticker to remind the date of its installation.
  5. Reinstate the water supply.
  6. Let the water run through the dispenser for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure that all the impurities in the filter get flushed out.
  7. At the end, reset the light of the water filter.

Can I use Samsung Refrigerator Without a Water Filter?

Yes, technically you can, but it is recommended that you should not because the filter which comes installed with the Samsung Refrigerator filters out chemicals like chlorine, lead, etc. It is quite helpful for general health.

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How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Resetting the water filter on Samsung Refrigerator is easy, and you just need to follow some simple steps to do so.

  • Control Panel – First search for the control panel which is usually present on the front of your refrigerator.
  • Locate the Reset button – On the control panel, there will be any text or a symbol labeled as Filter Reset or Reset.
  • Press and hold the button – To reset the water filter, just pressing the button is not enough. You need to press and hold it for a few seconds as it will turn the indicator light resets after that.
  • Check – Check the display. It indicates the filter status in many ways like a light, a change of color, or a countdown. How it indicates the reset, depends on the model of the refrigerator.
  • Verification – Verification is always important. For this, you can dispense the water to notice. Always, check the filter from time to time.

How to Reset Samsung Fridge Water Filter Light or Indicator

Most Samsung refrigerators are equipped with filter lights. This shows when the filter needs to be changed. Sometimes the filter will just not work. In this case, you need to reset it. Just follow these steps to reset the light –

  • If the control panel is outside – There will be a button labeled as ‘Alarm’. Hold it for 3 seconds. This will reset the filter.
  • If the control panel is inside – If it is inside then hold down the ‘Fridge’ or ‘Power Cool’ button for a few seconds. This will turn the indicator again to blue color.

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Troubleshooting

Generally, if you want try simple troubleshooting ways. Just try the following options

  1. Check filter installation
  2. Again set the filter indicator
  3. Replace the Filter (if required)
  4. Check the water supply
  5. Flush the filter
  6. Leakage checking
  7. Contact Samsung Support

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting methods depend on the type of the problem. A lot of problems arise when you try to reset the filter light. Here, I am enlisting troubleshooting options for many of the problems –

  • Didn’t change the filter then also the filter light is on – Ensure to install the filter correctly. If the installation is correct, then you need to replace it.
  • Changed the filter but then also the light is turned on – The button of the filter might not be working properly in this case. Press and hold it for a few seconds to fix the issue.
  • The filter light is still on even after pressing the filter reset button – It might be because the filter is not compatible with the Fridge. Check the owner’s manual to check the compatibility of the filter.
  • Filter reset button not working – If it is broken or damaged, contact customer service to replace the button.
  • Even after trying all the options discussed above, the filter light is still ON– There might be an issue with the Fridge. Contact customer support in this case.

What is dreaded dead water?

When the water filter gets fully contaminated, it starts to poison the water supply. Such water is called dreaded dead water.

What is the drawback of Samsung Water Filter?

It may not remove all the contamination present in the water. It is important to change the water filter at the correct time, or it will contaminate the water supply or cease to function.

What are the challenges faced by people while changing the Samsung Water Filter from the Samsung Refrigerator?

A common challenge is that people do not know how to connect to the waterline properly. One more problem is that people fail to flush the filter well to remove any air to help it work properly.

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