PC Money Account Details to Check and How to link an External Account

Your PC Money account details are essential for making payments, setting up direct deposit, and linking your account to other financial services.

For PC Money Financial account you will receive transit number, institution number and account number that you will require when either making payment to or payment from the account.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find PC money financial account details, reasons why to connect PC money to external and also learn how its done.

Find PC Money Account Details

How to Find PC Money Account Details

Read the steps below and learn how easy it is to find PC Financials Money account details.

  1. Open PC Financial official website and then sign in to your PC Money account
  2. Then click on Accounts & Cards option from the top menu
  3. Click on PC Money Account from the left sidebar and under it click on Account Information
  4. Now you can either click on Copy or View printable version to download your account information

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What is a PC Money Transit Number?

For PC Financial’s PC Money Transit number is a 5-digit code that shows which bank holds your account.

What is a PC Money Institution Number?

PC Financial’s PC Money Institution number is a 3-digit code that tells us the specific branch of the bank where your account is.

What is a PC Money Account Number?

PC Financial’s PC Money Account number is a unique number that helps identify your personal account in the bank.

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Why to Connect PC Money Financial Account to an External Account

If you are wondering why you would need to find your PC money account details and then learn to link it to an external account, then below are the reasons for it.

  • For conducting payments or transferring funds to an alternate account.
  • To establish direct deposit arrangements or automate bill disbursements.
  • To connect your PC Money account with a budgeting application or software for financial tracking.
  • To capitalize on special promotions, like gaining 10,000 bonus PC Optimum points by linking an external bank account to your PC Money Account.
  • To create scheduled transfers between your PC Money account and an external source, such as a savings fund.
  • For making repayments on loans or credit cards that are associated with your PC Money account.

How to Link PC Money Account to an External Account

In this process, we will show you the necessary steps for you to follow to learn how to link an external account to a PC Financial Money account.

  1. Visit the PC Financial official website pcfinancial.ca/en/
  2. Click Sign In and Log in with your credentials
  3. Click “Pay & Transfer” at the top right.
  4. Choose “Move Money” and click “Link external account” under “Select account.”
  5. Pick a financial institution or add details manually.
  6. Enter institution info, select ownership, and proceed.
  7. Confirm details and click “Confirm.”
  8. Then click on Continue and confirm the account details entered on next page and click on Confirm button
  9. Finally, click on Done and you have now linked the PC Money account to an external account.

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