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New India Assurance renewal online payment comes very easy now. Find the great payment deals and insurance plans on commercial and private vehicles, Find the advantages, coverage and no coverage under New India Assurance policy…

New India Assurance corporation limited does offer insurance plans for vehicles which include commercial vehicles and private vehicles. The insurance policy does protect them from third-party liabilities and unwanted expenses which might arise through accidental damage or due to any kind of loss to the vehicle.

Having proper insurance will cover your entire vehicle damage as per their insured value, as well having regular insurance will help you have good value as it gets changed every year with a calculated percentage.

New India Assurance Renewal Online Payment

Customers who have availed of and policy from New India Assurance can also use their renewal link. It gets your vehicle policy renew without much paperwork through an online payment mode.

NameNew India Assurance
ServiceGeneral Insurance Company
Toll free number1800-209-1415

New India Assurance Renewal Online Payment

The process to renew your New India Assurance will hardly take a few minutes, as you’re already a customer of the company which does have your entire data in their tool for renewal online payment.

  1. Open the official website of New India assurance
  2. Enter customer ID and last policy number
  3. Verify renewed insurance Quote number with all details
  4. Submit all your request documents online on site and Now get the New India Assurance quotation and proceed further
  5. Once confirmed, check payment and tap on the Pay button
  6. Use a debit card or credit card or net banking to pay the premium

That’s it! The New India Assurance policy for your vehicle has been registered again and the new policy details have been updated in the tool.

Advantages of New India Assurance Policy

Here are some basic advantages through which you can know why it is important to buy a New India Assurance policy for your vehicle.

  • New India Assurance policy offers third party and comprehensive policy
  • The company as well offer insurance to financed vehicles
  • Get your new policy or renew it online
  • The policy only cover vehicle under 15 years from their manufacturing date
  • Get no document claim process to claim your insurance amount

New India Assurance Policy Coverage

The New India Assurance policy does provide coverage for the below instances. In any of these conditions the insured vehicle will be fully covered as per their policy and the value estimated in policy.

  • Collision or accident with any other vehicle or stable material
  • In case if your vehicle has met with Burglary or theft or housebreaking
  • Flood, cyclone, storm and any other such natural climatic activity
  • Due to any Malicious act
  • If the vehicle damaged due to any transit
  • Any damage or scratch in traffic

New India Assurance Policy No Coverage

There are certain conditions in which the policy offered by the New India Assurance will not covered. Here is the list during which you cannot ask for insurance.

  • If vehicle damaged in Riots or any War Conditions
  • Any frequently wear and tear
  • Contractual liability and consequential loss
  • Driving without a license
  • If driving vehicle by taking any drugs or liquor
  • If vehicle met with accident with overspeed limit

Why does a third-party insurance plan be bought?

The third-party New India Assurance policy is important by keeping the safety of pillion riders in mind. This policy even covers third parties who might have gotten hurt from your vehicle. Even any property damage or vehicle damage due to your will be covered under this policy.

What if paid directly to the garage irrespective of having New India Assurance?

Yes, if your repair person doesn’t get your vehicle insurance taken, then you can pay directly and get the receipt for your payment. These receipts can be uploaded in the New India Assurance policy online and the reimbursement of money will be processed as per the policy details.

Can I switch New India Assurance on vehicle anytime?

Customers can anytime choose to switch their New India Assurance policy either by increasing the premium or decreasing the same. There are different policies that can be availed on your vehicle as per the choice and protection required.

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