Nainital Bank SMS Codes List & New Syntax

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Nainital Bank SMS Codes brings quick way to avail services by SMS Banking feature. Here check detailed information on SMS banking, List of services offering and their SMS codes…

It was in 1922 when the Nainital bank is one of the Private Banks in India was established to bring the financial service to the citizens of that particular region and later in 1973 it was recognized by the Reserve Bank of India. Nainital bank is a scheduled commercial bank which now has a great number of customers, having experienced their various services though offline and online mode.

Bank NameNainital Bank Ltd
Toll free number18001804031


Nainital bank brings the SMS service to have a convenient way of communication with their reactive account. There are multiple services for which one has to wait for a longer time but the Net banking has given a free hand to customers. As an Add-on to Net banking service, the SMS banking facilities do the basic truncation from the customer account without even having access to the internet.

Nainital Bank

Nainital Bank SMS Codes New Syntax

ServiceSMS Syntax (SMS to 8466997755)
View Account BalanceNTBL <BAL> <Last 13 digit account no.>
Last five transactionsNTBL <TRN> <Last 13 digit account no.>
Check for Cheque StatusNTBL <CHQ> <Last 13 digit account no.>
Check Loan account balanceNTBL <LNB> <Last 13 digit account no.>
Last five transactions of loan accountNTBL <LNT> <Last 13 digit account no.>
ATM Block (instantly)NTBL <ATMBLOCK> <Last 13 digit account no.>

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Does Customer need to register for Nainital bank SMS Banking Facility?

The customer has to provide their registered mobile number to the Nainital bank branch or call the customer service to enable the SMS banking facility. The facility is free and can be opted by any customer who has an account in Nainital bank.

How soon will my Debit card be blocked by Nainital bank SMS codes?

In case of emergency, it is best advised to send an SMS code to block the debit card if it is lost or stolen. These will instantly block you card and a response with status of your debit card will be sent by Nainital bank to customer.

Is common balance necessary for Nainital bank SMS Facility?

The customer has to send an SMS code to the Nainital bank number through their registered mobile number. The network provider does charge for the SMS sent, so it is required to have the common balance for your number while sending SMS codes.

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