Is Walmart Open On Thanksgiving?

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Shopping on Thanksgiving can be important and what’s more important is making sure you visit your favorite shopping mart like Walmart right on time when they are not closed for the holidays.

So, as a customer and a shopper looking to make your Thanksgiving wonderful you should be aware if Walmart is open on Thanksgiving.

Now the simple reasons for you to understand this would come from the prospect that a lot of shopping malls observe holidays and so it’s better to make sure Walmart is either open or closed so you can visit them for shopping.

Walmart Open

Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a big festive season for anyone who wants to connect with their families, sit down for a good time of food, family time, friends and more things like gifts as well.

So, in order to make this happen customers like you should be aware and know that Walmart is open on Thanksgiving.

As per Walmart official website and their FAQs they have mentioned that Walmart is open to serve their customers like any other business on Thanksgiving but some of the branches might have different opening and closing times.

Keep in mind that opening and closing times may vary between different Walmart branches, so it’s a good idea to reach out to the branch managers or inquire with specific store representatives.

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Is Walmart Open Near Me on Thanksgiving

Yes, Walmart branches will open near you on Thanksgiving as per their official website and FAQs but you will have to make sure to check if the branch is opened as well through the branch number to be sure.

Walmart Thanksgiving Hours

Most of the customers have noticed Walmart follows the regular working hours on Thanksgiving which should remain the same but as it’s a season of festive, there can be time changes as well.

So you are suggested to check with branch managers or support employees on opening and closing times.

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