What is IFSC Code & When Used in Banking

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What is IFSC Code and does it really require now for fund transfer. Find IFSC Code uses in transferring money through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS in banks and What if not…

If you have ever visited a bank or wanted to complete an application form that requires input from your bank for payment transfer, then you might have heard about IFSC code. IFSC code full form is Indian Financial System Code. In simple terms IFSC code is similar to your UPI code for payment transfer for banks using NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Whenever you want to make a payment to someone else’s bank account, then you need their IFSC code which you will enter on your side of the transactions. You can find this code either from your bank passbook provided or else look for the code from your bank net banking portal.

IFSC code
IFSC code


IFSC code is a 11-digit alphanumeric character which contains your bank code plus branch code that ensure that the payment is being made to the right bank account holder along with the right bank branch as well.

If you are someone who does business or an employee receiving salary then you will need to provide IFSC code of your bank branch along with bank account number to ensure funds are transferred to your account at the right bank branch office.

This process of using IFSC code is mandatory as it helps to remove any errors and issues with the transactions of payment made through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS.

As a bank account owner, you do not need to create your own IFSC code because the Reserve Bank of India assigns an IFSC code to each bank branch office that you can use.

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How do I find IFSC code?

You can find your bank IFSC code on the first page of your bank passbook. Or else you can use any online IFSC code finder to search for your bank branch and find its IFSC code.

What is the IFSC code in a bank account?

The IFSC code for your bank account is not unique, the IFSC code is assigned by Reserve Bank of India and is a single IFSC code for each bank branch office so that is same for all bank customers.

What is the IFSC code of a bank example?

A bank IFSC code example is SBIN000XXXX, where SBIN stands for the Bank and 000XXXX is the Bank branch office number,

What is the IFSC code of India?

There is no unique IFSC code of India because there are many banks and each has their own bank branches across India. So, each bank branch will have their own IFSC code that is not unique to the customers of that particular branch.

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