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How to pay ICICI Credit Card payment online billdesk and also through Internet Banking or Bank Debit Card, UPI, Mobikwik and PayTM…

ICICI has become one of the largest banking services in India. This is essentially because of their financial options that they provide to customers. Among them ICICI credit card online payment option has become a prominent one with eligible customers. Making full use of different types of cards available and then being able to make through different payment gateway in quick time as well.

If this is your first time making your ICICI bank credit card payment then you can go through this article below. You may discuss different methods available that can help you make your payment in no time.

ICICI Credit Card Payment
Offcial Siteicicibank.com
Toll free number (for credit card)180010201239

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ICICI Credit Card Payment Online Billdesk

We all know that BillDesk is essentially one of the safest and secure payment ways online which can also help you pay your bill in ICICI credit card billdesk from online. In order to use ICICI BillDesk to make quick payment follow the steps below.

  1. Open the ICICI credit card payment Online BillDesk page from here https://payments.billdesk.com/vbpsi/customerops/online_iccp_verify_card_vbpsi.jsp
  2. Then enter the card holder name, card number, expiry, CVV and accept the terms & conditions
  3. Tap on the submit button and In next page, enter the amount to pay
  4. Click on pay now button
  5. Finally you may redirect to their payments gateway through which you can complete the credit card payment by choosing your preferred payment option.

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ICICI Credit Card Payment

Through Net Banking

There are a lot of ICICI customers who still prefer to make use of Internet banking or debit card service. It is all to make the credit card bill payment which is why guides you on how to use these methods.

  1. Open the ICICI official website icicibank.com and then you need to login with your account id and password
  2. Click on the Payment & Transfer section and select Pay Bills option under it
  3. Select ICICI Credit Card bill payment as option and then select the card.
  4. Enter the amount to pay and click on Pay now button
  5. This will redirect you to payments gateway where you can select to either pay with Internet banking or Debit card as per your preference
  6. In this way, you can simply make your ICICI credit card bill either by using internet banking or credit card in quick time.

UPI Credit Card Bill Payment

You can use any of the UPI service apps to scan. Pay for your ICICI credit card payment by following the instructions below.

  1. Open the ICICI UPI payment page from here https://www.icicibank.com/online-services/scan-to-pay/cards-payment.page and then click on the proceed button
  2. Enter your credit card number and reenter the credit card number, then click on verify button
  3. Scan QR code, it will show up the payment option on your app.
  4. Enter the amount to pay and complete your payment from your selected UPI.

Credit Card Bill Payment with PayTM

PayTM allows quick and smooth payment for ICICI card bill. The process to complete the payment may followed as below.

  1. Open the PayTM ICICI Card bill pay page https://paytm.com/credit-card-bill-payment/icici-bank
  2. Provide your credit card number and click on proceed button
  3. Enter the amount and click on pay to complete your payment.

Pay with MobiKwik

Yes, MobiKwik allows you to pay your ICICI credit card bill through online mode. You can learn how to use this method from the instructions shown below.

  1. Open MobiKwik ICICI credit card page to pay from mobikwik page
  2. Enter the credit card bill along with the amount to pay.
  3. Click on the go button
  4. This will redirect you to their payments page where you have to select the payment methods and complete the transaction.

Credit Card Payment through Auto Debit

This is an automated service which customers have to choose when they don’t want to miss their due date for ICICI Credit Card payment. This is only applicable for the ICICI Bank account holders for auto debit.

  1. Connect with the customer service of your ICICI Credit Card Autodebit
  2. Provide them detail and then ask to enable Auto Debit option
  3. The payment for ICICI Credit Card will debited on due date
  4. On exact date, customer has to have enough amount for debit

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ICICI Credit Card Payment through Payment Apps

There are numerous Payment Applications which are available in the market that are secure to use for your ICICI Credit Card payment. Cred, Paytm, Amazon Pay, GooglePe, PhonePe and more are securely available to make the payments.

  1. Launch any of these App, as installed in your mobile number
  2. Go to the ‘Credit Card’ payment options form their services
  3. Provide your ICICI Credit Card number along with full details
  4. Enter amount to pay and then tap on make payment
  5. Choose mode of payment which preferred as to make payment
  6. Confirm the payment through OTP sent to your registered number

Once confirmed, the payment for ICICI Credit Card will be successful

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Can i Pay ICICI Credit Card Payment through UPI?

We now use different UPI apps and platforms such as Google Pay, PhonePe, BharatPe and many more. These will allow to made the payment through quick scan easier. But this question might come up whether you can use any of UPI app services to make ICICI bank credit card payment.

Yes you can make the payment only if you can scan the QR code for your respective bank branch. Make the payment before the branch members, you will receive a confirmation SMS that will align to ensure payment successful. But in this method as well you might have to visit branch and scan QR code which is lengthy process.

Can I complete ICICI Credit Card Payment through Google Pay or GPay?

Simple answer is that you can make your ICICI credit card bill payment through Google Pay or GPay. For that you have to visit the branch to scan the QR code. Make the payment is not a great option compares to other online payment options shown.

Do I need ICICI IFSC code for credit card payment?

No, you do not need to use or require IFSC code if you are going to make your credit card payment through online methods we’ve shown above. But in case if you are using different methods such as demand draft, cheque, payment from offline vendor then you will have to provide the IFSC code in those instances. But to be precise, any of the offline methods that require the use of IFSC code is never a quick process which is why it would wise to use online methods for payment.

Why is my ICICI Credit Card Payment not yet updated?

In case customers have used any Payment Application or paid the ICICI Credit Card using another bank Net Banking facility, then the payment will be updated within 2 days to 3 days which is normal as per the banking standards. Customers should have to keep their transaction number secure for future reference.

What happens if you delay ICICI Credit Card payment by a day?

As the payment of ICICI Credit Card will be rivalry between 10 to 15th of every month for all customers. If any customer has missed the due date provided to them, then their ICICI Credit Card account will be added with interest service charges applicable as per the delayed dates.

Can I make a partial ICICI Credit Card payment?

Yes, to avoid the full interest on your late payment of the ICICI Credit Card amount. Customers can make sure to pay a minimum amount due or any excess amount the minimum due amount to ensure your safe late payment charges.

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