How to Use Your PC Money Account Card in Store & ATM

As our world practiced by the utilization of online payments and everyone pursuing habit of carrying Money Account card and debit cards, credit cards and many more.

Let us discuss the simple methods for using the PC financial Money card in stores and on ATM in this article.

How to Use Your PC Money Account Card in store

Here are the simple steps to use PC Money Account card in stores

  1. Visit any nearby store and complete your purchase
  2. Go to checkout
  3. Tell the cashier to select MasterCard or Credit card for the payment on prompted screen
  4. Tap or Insert your card on bill machine to process the payment
  5. You will get bill after successful payment
PC Money Account Card

How to Use Your PC Money Account Card in ATM

By using PC money account card, we can withdraw the amount in ATM without any service charges. You need to just insert it in ATM machine and follow the on screen prompts to withdraw money.

Can I deposit on ATM with PC Financial Money Account Card?

No, we can’t deposit cash of PC Financial Account on ATM, it does not allow the user to deposit cash and it has the Account agreement as per your preferred agreement.

Can I use PC Financial Money Card at any ATM?

Yes, you can use your PC money Card at any ATM without any service fee and it can be done by using the third-party ATM.

Can we have an ATM limit for a PC Financial Money Account Card?

We have an ATM limit of $250 for accessing the transaction for PC Money Account Card, if it exceeds the limit, it doesn’t make a transaction.

Can I withdraw in Other ATM using PC Financial Money Account Card?

Yes, we can withdraw the cash of PC Financial account on any ATM. It is done by the help of third-party ATM, but you have service fee for accessing the third-party ATM and we have convenience fee in the bank Machine to complete the transaction and it is charged by the Bank operator.

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