Fix PC Financial Login Error in Portal or in Mobile App

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If you are facing any errors in PC Financial Login page and are confused to fix this issue, simply follow the article till the end.

Now-a-days, mostly all banking users prefer to use their services through online in their busy schedules as it is the easiest way to access all your banking services at your finger tips. You can fix login errors through online portal, mobile app and also through Customer Care Support.

But coming to the safety side online, it has its own disadvantages and risks due to cybercrime increasing rapidly in this advancing technology. Also, there may be some bank problems as the bank’s server issues due to technical problems.

Fix Login error of PC Financial
Fix Login error of PC Financial

What is PC Financial

Now talking about PC Financial, it is one of the best banking services provided by Loblaw company in Canada.

It offers different services like personal banking, and insurance and also provides investments for its customers. PC Financial becomes famous after it launched a loyalty program called PC Optimum.

You will earn reward points also called optimum points for every purchase you made. You can use it to purchase any products in stores and as well as in online, but sometimes, you may face some issues like Login problems, PC MasterCard login not working. To fix this, just follow our article completely and solve your issue.

How to Fix Login Page Not Working Problem for PC Financial

If you want to access your bank account or PC MasterCard through online but stuck on login page. Don’t tense but just follow the methods that we discuss in detail through different ways.

If you are stuck on the login page of PC Financial when you trying to login through the official online portal, there may be some of the main reasons listed below

  • Make sure that it’s an official link of PC Financial Website
  • Enter the correct login Credentials
  • May be PC financial site facing some technical issue

So now we will discuss the complete procedures to fix this issue in a detailed way

Check for Official Sites

As we already discussed, hackers are using the method of creating cloning sites of official sites, This is exactly similar to the interface of a real portal showing to enter a Username and PC Financial Password for login.

If you enter the details in that fields, there is a chance of hacking it and you are unable to log in to the PC Financial page.

There may be a chance of any miscellaneous activities with your account. So be aware of these sites and make sure that you are accessing the official website.

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Verify your Login Credentials

If you are entering the wrong credentials repeatedly so many times, there may be a chance of locking your account.

So be careful, while providing a username and password as it is case-sensitive. To unlock the account, you need to reset PC financial password if forgotten.

Verify for Bank Service Status

Sometimes the problem arises from the Bank’s end as there may be any maintenance work is in progress or due to some technical issues. So to find out this, we need to visit the Bank’s Service Status official website. To know about service status of PC Financial bank, follow these steps:

  • Go to the service status webpage of PC Financial Bank using the link
  • Here you can check that what is the exact issue facing by bank for accessing online portal.
  • Also, it suggested using Mobile app for using their banking services

Disable or Update Browser’s Extension

There are some browser extensions that may create an error while you trying to log in for Bank’s online portal. Mainly the extensions are related to the category of Ad-blocker or Password manager. Some banks restrict the user who use extensions as per their guidelines and security issues.

So to avoid this, check your browser extensions and disable them for sometime until you complete your work on online portal’s of bank. Or check if the extension is updated. This method may resolve your issue.

Use Private Windows or Incognito Mode

Using private window in Firefox or Incognito tab in Chrome is the best option, if you are trying to login for PC Financial online portal as it doesn’t save any login information and you will get very clean interface.

Also this modes may help you to avoid caches and cookies of the website and it doesn’t store browsing history. So try to use this at the time of login.

Note: Press Ctrl+Shift+n for incognito mode in Google Chrome or Press Ctrl+Shift+p for private window in Firefox.

Try to update your Browser

Sometimes is there a possibility of your browser is out dated and not perform well. So install latest version of web browser for better search experience and for accessing it perfectly. You will get security features, better cookies and many more features by updating browser.

To update any kind of browser, simply open a browser and search for the latest version. Download the latest version and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your PC. This may solve your login issue for PC Financial online portal.

Turn of your VPN

As we all know aware of VPN that it hides your location and information while accessing in browser. But in banks, it’s important that they check our true location from where we are accessing and also verify our information.

So using VPN may cause any issue while you login for your bank account. To prevent this, simply disable VPN on your mobile or PC for sometime until you complete your online banking work.

Use Recognized Browsers

Using well known browsers may solve your issue of login. Because some of it may not support this type of banking portals to access as the browsers are outdated. So prefer to use top browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for better results and clean interface.

How to Reset Password of PC Financial Login

  1. Visit official online portal of PC Financial using link
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. Tap on Forgot password link
  4. Enter Email Id or account details
  5. Click on Continue
  6. You will receive an Email with a reset link
  7. Tap on link and set new password
  8. Click on reset password to reset successfully

Also you can contact customer support of PC Financial by calling the toll-free number 18667276468. Follow the instructions said by the agent and reset your password.

PC Financial Mobile app is also available where you can log in to your account and set a biometric login feature, then you can simply log in using your fingerprint next time.

How to Fix PC MasterCard login Not Working on Android/iOS App

Till now we discussed about to solve not login issue of PC Financial MasterCard through Web Browser or simply say Online Portal. But it also offers a mobile app to access banking services and MasterCard easily.

Having mobile app, you still facing any issue regarding login to your account, follow the methods to fix the problem.

Check Internet Connection: PC Financial app works on internet connectivity only as it is a online banking app to access any banking service. So make sure that you have an active internet before login to the app.

Reset your account: Reset PC Financial Mobile app by logging out and then logging in to your account once. This may fix your Login issue.

Restart Mobile: Sometimes restarting your mobile may solve the problem as it fixes if any minor bugs or software issues that present on mobile

Clear Cache and Data: To do this, open Phone’s settings. Go to Applications section and select PC Financial app. There click on storage option. Then Clear Cache and data by tapping on the options present below to fix login issue.

Update PC Financial App: Make sure that your app is up to date. Out dated app may leads to breakdown of services and features provided by app.

Contact for Customer Care Support of PC Financial

If you tried all the possible methods available, but not solved your issue yet. Then don’t worry, simply contact Customer Care Support of PC Financial.

They assign a agent to solve your issue and follow their instructions carefully. You can contact them in various ways, let us discuss about available services.

Toll free number(24/7)18662467262
Other numbers to contact18552233499, 6474261343
Physical address for mailingPresident’s Choice Financial Mastercard,
P.O. Box 4403, Station A
Toronto, ON
M5W 5Y4

Is there toll-free number and timings for calling PC financial customer support related to PC Optimum ?

Yes, you can contact customer care support of PC Financial to address any issue related to PC optimum. You need to call on 18667276468 and the timings are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in working days that is Monday to Friday and on Saturday contact in between 9:00am to 5:00pm.

What is the reason of getting “Connection Timed Out” while trying to login for PC Financial account ?

Mainly, this error occurs when your internet connection is unstable or bank server facing any technical issue. So make sure that you have an active internet or try to login for your account after sometime.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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