How to Get a Refund on SHIEN with or Without Returning Items

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If you’re looking to get a refund on SHIEN without returning the product, you may be feeling confused about the process. But fear not, we’re here to help you clear up any doubts and get your refund process started with confidence. Let’s take a look at the steps to request a refund, the common reasons for doing so, and the process for approval.

What is SHIEN

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SHIEN produces many products to many customers in a day, so sometimes there are some problems arise in making of item packing to the customer.

The item does not fit right, if you order something, they are giving another one, on that there is an option to refund your money without returning your item as per new SHEIN return policy. This option also limits for a certain account, there is a low possible chance to happens like this.

How to Get a Refund on SHIEN

In case you also face this problem, you don’t know to how to do this refund without retuning process. You came to right place to know best information process about that.

In this article you know what the possibilities are and when it happens all these things discussed in this article with some of the best examples. For the getting refund your money from Shein without, without late let’s move on to the article.

How to Get a Refund on Shein without Returning Products

There is one possible way to refund your items without returning them. That is if cost of product is less than cost of transporting for chipping the product, only in this way Shein refund without retuning products. This reason explained in detail below for better understanding.

  • The cost of item is low
    • For refund without retuning, this one play key role for that process. Because the item cost is low, with some reasons do you want to change the product, and not interested to take the return. Because the item cost is low when compared to return delivery management it is not worth it for Shein. For this reason, they are giving refunds without return if the item cost is low.
  • The product is more expensive to return
    • This is also another interesting process from Shein. The product is more expensive to return than they are giving refund without return.
    • For, Example if you buy a product with $10 cost, after seeing the product you are unhappy then if you want to return the item, you are choosing the option for return. Then they are after seeing your request, they are thinking about money to take return and again making parcels and to sell. All this process may completed with $15; it is more expensive to compare with cost of your product at this time also Shein giving refund without return.
  • There are no more other products to return form your area at the same time
    • This is another possibility for a refund from Shein without returning.
    • For example, you are buying a product from Shein with $15 cost, after reaching the product to your hands, you are disappointed with that product. You are returning the product there is equal cost $15 for taking return. There is no issue about cost, but there is only item to ship back from your place. Under these conditions also you are getting a refund from Shein without returning.
  • If your item desecrated at the time arrived
    • This is another probability, your item arrived to you with any type desecrated, then you get your refund on Shien without return your product.

For example, if you buy certain clothes for yours, that is already small desecration at the time of arrival. You didn’t see that at the time after some time at the time of opening you see that damage.

After that you will return the product, they ask what the reason for returning is, then you have told the specified reason. At this time, they are directly giving refund your amount without taking that product.

How to Get a Refund on SHIEN

There are four steps to get your refund, and they are given below by step-by-step manner:

  1. Sign into your Shein account.
  2. Go to my orders
  3. Select your product
  4. Enter your product details and which one you want to return.
  5. Select the return item and enter your reason for returning the item and select next step.
  6. Finally select the refund method.

With this simple steps, you may know, how to get a Refund on SHIEN and In this, you can apply for returning item from Shein account.


I hope that after reading this article, you easily understand what the probabilities are of getting a refund for your amount without any return of the product.

You are getting an easy way to refund your amount without returning. This is the only possible way, your item deals proper conditions and criteria.

Is there any extra cost for taking return?

Yes, normally at the first time of returning it to your account. You don’t pay any extra cost for returning the item. After that, the first time there is a certain cost for returning the items. That is $7.99 you will pay for every retuning item.

This refund without returning process is comes under any scam?

No, this process doesn’t come under any scam, because you are too ready to give that product to return. But they are not taken with some problems, and asking, giving you a refund without return. So, this refund without retuning process is doesn’t under any scam.

How much time do they take for the refund process?

After on which day your refund may permitted from that day, they will be taking three to five business working days. You will get your refund.

By which method will I get my refund from Shein?

Shein provides your refund as per your payment method, from which method you do the payment for Shein.

Is there any advantage for Shein to giving this refund without return process?

Shein benefits greatly from its policy of offering refunds without requiring customers to return the product, as it helps the company to generate positive goodwill and a strong reputation among its customers.

How will I contact to Shein customer service Canada?

Need help from Shein’s customer service team? They’ve got you covered! Simply give them a call on 1-(877)245-8975 during their working hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. They’ll be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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