How to Clear Cache on iPhone

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A cache is defined as the storage of frequently used data and the cache is also present in every OS or Android device to save different files, pictures, and videos, applications for easy to access.

On iPhone, we have cache memory to maintain frequently used data for accessing in less time, sometimes it may kill our iPhone storage so, we need to clear the cache of our iPhone.

Let’s take a brief step to clear the cache of your iPhone, it helps you to work the device perfectly without any issue of slow downing of your processor, it decreases the burden on your iPhone device.

 Clear Cache on iPhone
Clear Cache on iPhone

What is iPhone Cache

iPhone cache is also same as a secondary memory like RAM, but it only stores the information, which is used repeatedly by the user, if the user visits the website on a browser and downloaded some files or pictures or images.

The iPhone cache helps to reduce the work of user to download or reload of information, which is frequently used, it may be take more space as compared other memory, so the iPhone should be cleaned at intervals of time. To avoid hanging the processor while the application or any process is in progress.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

Here are the simple steps to clear cache of App on iPhone, the data will be removed temporarily from the iPhone which may secure the phone storage and increases the efficiency of working of the iPhone.

We have different methods to clear cache using settings app or through offload method.

Clear iPhone Cache through Phone Settings

  1. Open your settings in your iPhone
  2. Go to App option in settings menu
  3. Select any app, which you want to clear the cache of a particular app
  4. Scroll down the app details
  5. Check the reset cache option next start option
  6.  Make sure it should in On mode

Note: if in some Apps we will not find the option of reset cache option then you need to reinstall the app from any App store or google play store.

Clear iPhone Cache through Offload method

It is a simple process to clear app cache on iPhone and the method can be considered as general method

  1. Open your settings app in your iPhone
  2. Click on General option in the settings menu
  3. Choose the iPhone storage option
  4. Enable the option of Offload app which can help to clear the cache of unused apps
  5. Or select any of the app from unused list of apps and turn on the offload option

This process may help you to clear all the app data from the cache.

How to Clear Browser Cache on iPhone

Let’s discuss a few processes to clear cache on different browsing platforms like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft edge and many more.

The simple steps are mentioned to clean our cache data

Clear iPhone cache Using Safari method

  1. Open your settings app
  2. Check the safari option and click on it
  3. Click on clear history and website data option
  4. You will receive the pop up of clear data and history on your screen
  5. Confirm it to complete the process.

iPhone cache clear in Chrome

  1. Open your chrome on your device in iPhone or computer/laptop
  2. Click on three dotted symbol for more options or for menu
  3. Select the history option
  4. Click on clear browsing data option
  5. Set the time range if you not interested to clear all the cache data
  6. The cookies, site data, cache images and files should be in tick mark
  7. Tap the clear browsing data option

Through this process the cache data will clear in Chrome.

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Clear iPhone cache in Firefox

  1. Go to Firefox app on your device
  2. Click on three doted or lines symbol icon for more options
  3. Tap the settings option
  4. Select the privacy section and check for data management option
  5. Click on clear private data before that check the files which preserved in the data management
  6. If you find any important file, make sure it should be in off mode.
  7. Click on clear private data to confirm the whole procedure, then click on Ok option.

The cache data will clear in Firefox browsing platform.

In Microsoft Edge if it presents on your iPhone device

  1. Go to Microsoft Edge, click on more option which in three dotted symbol icon
  2. Tap the settings option
  3. Click on privacy and security option
  4. Make the time range which you want to clear the cache data in a particular instance of time.
  5. Tap the all-time option to clear all the cache data
  6. Click on clear now option

Through this process we can complete our process successfully to make our cache empty or clear cache data.

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