How to Change Language on Chromebook with Different Options

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Help you to understand how to change language on Chromebook with different settings in a simple way with easy steps based on user requirements…

Chromebook is great to use and once you set it up with your language and settings, it works great. But in case you want to change your language for some reason, then it might seem new to you, right? Not to worry, changing language on Chromebook is quite simple and easy.

Please note that the changes you make to the language settings will only affect your Chromebook, not other websites or web pages you visit, which will be in their own language.

How to Change Language on Chromebook
How to Change Language on Chromebook

How to Change Language on Chromebook

Chromebook owners can now rejoice because with the quick steps from below from 25penny and you can learn how simple and easy it is to change language on chromebook.

  1. Access the settings menu to change the language on your Chromebook.
  2. Go to the “Settings” app.
  3. Click on the “Languages and Inputs” section.
  4. Select the ‘Change’ button for the ‘Device language’ and type in the language you want to use You will also be able to translate web pages into your language by adding it to the ‘Languages’ section.

In addition, you can change your input methods by selecting “Input devices and keyboards” and adding the language you want to use. Finally, using your Google Account, you can change your global language settings. Follow these steps to easily change your Chromebook’s language.

How to Change Chromebook language Keyboard?

You can change language on Chromebook keyboard by selecting Input devices and keyboards and then select and add the language.

How do you Change the Language On Chromebook Back To English?

You can go to settings and then click on Languages and Inputs, then click on change button and select the Device language option where you can select English as language.

How to Change the Language On Chromebook From Korean To English?

Chromebook change language can be done from Korean to English by selecting English as language in the Device language option.

How To Change The Display Language On Chromebook?

You will be able to change the display language on a Chromebook by selecting and adding a language in device language option.

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