Google Pay Not Working – Fix Now for UPI Transactions

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Google Pay conveniently makes payments for anything at all in a variety of situations, but if it is not working means, then getting worried about carrying cash, so here we discuss why and when Google Pay not working and how to fix it.

This Google Pay service is simple to set up and use, which appeals to clients who need a quick digital payment solution for nearly anyone, right from your bank account.

Even if your contact is not a Google Pay user, you can still send and receive money. Google Pay has evolved to be a well-liked option for quick and safe online transactions.

Google Pay Not Working
Google Pay Not Working

Why is Google Pay Not Working

Here are some potential causes of Google Pay issues:

  • Your credit card number is invalid.
  • The merchant declines the card type
  • The card has expired.
  • The use of your card was marked as suspicious.
  • NFC is not active or supported.
  • unable to access the internet

Note: It’s possible that your bank or card issuer does not accept contactless payment methods if you are unable to add a credit card to Google Pay.

How to Fix Google Pay Not Working

  • Update the Google pay app: The issue could be brought on by the fact that you are using an old version of the application.
  • Update the Card Information: Verify that all of the card’s details, including the expiration dates and CVV codes, are accurate.
  • Update your Google Pay Phone Number: Google cannot execute the transaction if you entered the number wrong or received a new one.
  • Disable and Enable NFC: To pay by tapping, your device must have NFC enabled.
  • Clear Cache: The problem might be resolved by clearing the Google Pay cache.
  • Try a Different Card: You will need to use a different card if your card is greyed out on Google Pay since the seller might not accept that particular card type.
  • Delete the App: The only method to fix a corrupted program might be to uninstall it and go back to your cards.

Note: You can still use the card to make purchases from Google even if it has been saved to your Google Account.

How to Fix Payment Issues on Your Google Pay Account

  • Make sure Google Pay has the most recent version of your card information.
  • Send any additional data that has been requested.
  • Verify that you have enough money on hand to make the purchase.
  • Phone your bank or credit card company.
  • In the event that you run into “Your payment was declined due to an account issue,”

Note: You can improve your chances of successfully resolving the payment issue on your Google Pay account by doing these actions

Why is Google Pay not working on my phone?

There may be a number of causes for Google Pay to not function on your phone. Older app versions, poor internet access, incompatible hardware or software, inaccurate payment method information, and account-related problems are a few prevalent culprits.

It is advised to check for app updates, make sure your internet connection is steady, double-check your payment information, and carefully read any error messages or notifications for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Why is my payment declined on Google Pay?

Google Pay payment denials can happen for a number of reasons. Insufficient funds in the associated bank account or credit/debit card, erroneous payment method information, systemic problems with the payment processing system, or security vulnerabilities could all be to blame.

Make sure you have enough money, double-check your payment information, and get help from your bank or credit card company.

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