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If you’re planning to shop at Walmart and are wondering if you can use Apple Pay as your payment method, I can confidently confirm that Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at this time.

Walmart confidently offers its own mobile payment solution known as Walmart Pay, which is fully integrated into the Walmart app. In this article, we will provide clear reasons why Walmart does not accept Apple Pay.

Why Does Walmart Not Accept Apple Pay

Several factors contribute to Walmart’s decision not to accept Apple Pay. Firstly, Walmart may opt to avoid the transaction fees associated with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Secondly, the retailer may be committed to upholding its reputation for offering low prices by refraining from accepting payment methods that come with additional fees.

If you wish to utilize a mobile payment option while shopping at Walmart, you can do so by downloading the Walmart app and utilizing Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay operates on a QR code-based payment system, enabling you to make purchases by scanning a QR code at the checkout counter.

Furthermore, if you have an Apple Card, you have the option of using it at Walmart by adding it to the Walmart app and utilizing Walmart Pay. However, it’s important to note that direct usage of Apple Pay itself not supported at Walmart.

If you have ever been to Walmart then you might know that sometimes it is better to check out without using cash at either the self-checkout section or even at the counter by paying to an employee.

In both the cases, ever wondered what if you had to pay in pennies or even a few dollars for a mere few products or else ever wondered what if you had to pay hundreds of dollars.

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Apple Pay Payment Process other than Walmart

Well, let me help you in these cases by suggesting that making use of payment services like Apple Pay is a great way to get the checkout quickly and in no time.

The benefit of using Apple Pay is that you only pay what your bill is, so there is no change and no more worries to count it back and wait for the change given to you. If accepts Apple pay, the below is the process

If you have Apple Pay on your Smartphone and you use it shop and pay for your bills most of the time, then you can readily use Apple Pay, but how you can do it is the process we will discuss below.

  1. Check to see if Apple Pay enabled on your device. This may typically done when you initially add your card to Wallet during setup process. If this setting checked or modified,
    • Go to Settings
    • Click Wallet
    • Tap Apple Pay
    • Turn on Allow Payments on Lock Screen
  2. Hold your device close to the contactless reader at the checkout counter when you prepare to pay at Walmart.
  3. Search for the Apple Pay icon on the reader, then hold off until you get a confirmation message on your device. I’m done now.
  4. Rest assured that your purchase will be completed quickly and securely with Apple Pay, using the card of your choice.

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