BSNL SIM Replacement for Prepaid or Postpaid SIM

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Exchange your BSNL SIM card as per your convenience with BSNL SIM replacement for your prepaid or postpaid service category…

If you have either lost or simply want to replace your BSNL SIM then you need to understand charges Rs 50 at any customer service center, and it usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process of BSNL SIM replacement for BSNL prepaid or postpaid service.

To be precise, you will need to complete your KYC at the BSNL office and they will provide you with a new BSNL SIM that you can use. Usually it takes a few hours to almost a day or two as well for the services and connection to be activated on the new BSNL SIM.

BSNL SIM Replacement

So follow the below steps in order to get your BSNL SIM replaced with a new one.

How to Get BSNL SIM Replacement for Prepaid

  1. Visit any of the BSNL offices and request for a new SIM for your previous SIM with number
  2. Complete the KYC process for BSNL store employees to link the new SIM with your previous SIM number
  3. It will take 1 – 4 hours to a day for the SIM to be activated with services and connection running and then you can use it normally

BSNL SIM Replacement for Postpaid SIM

  1. Authorized customer may visit BSNL CSC and submit your POI / POA
  2. Ask for replacement of SIM
  3. Pay the corresponding charges
  4. Get the new activation of BSNL postpaid SIM.

What are the charges for BSNL SIM replacement?

For General or Corporate customer, BSNL will charge an amount of Rs. 50 as replacement charges by providing 3 in 1 repluggable 4G type SIM card.

What are the charges for BSNL postpaid SIM card?

An amount of Rs. 50 is appliable for BSNL replacement SIM for postpaid or Prepaid service. Where the prepaid customer may paid in advance, but postpaid customer has to pay in bill.

Why the BSNL replacement SIM card not activated even after a day?

Replacement SIM will activate within 1hour of authorisation. If anyone insert the SIM in mobile before activation, it shows as not activated. So, just switch off the mobile and reinsert the SIM card once, then it will surely activated. Even if not activated, just approach the concerned for failure.

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