BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online for Fibernet or DSL Net

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You can change your BSNL Broadband plan in online as well as offline for fiber connection or DSL internet easily at anytime. Just check the simple guide to change BSNL Fiber plan through Application followed by Via Selfcare portal of BSNL…

If you are a broadband customer or BSNL Fiber plan customer, then you should be happy with new BSNL plans and changes that are coming to BSNL. It is so because as a customer you can change BSNL broadband plan as per your request.

The primary thing to understand before you want to change is to know more about the new plans and the additional cost that will be added from the upcoming month as well.

TopicBSNL Broadband Plan Change
Toll Free Number1504 from BSNL Mobile
18003451504 from other operator

In case if you have selected BSNL broadband plan that you like, then you can either apply through the application. Else use the BSNL selfcare portal in order to change your BSNL broadband plan.

In both the instances, once you change it takes a few days for the plan to be changed. Importantly you will be changed to the new plan from the upcoming month.

BSNL Broadband Plan Change

BSNL Broadband Plan Change Process

BSNL is a postpaid connection so if you have to change the plan you have to submit the application form and it will be updated to the next month after 7 days of your application. There are two methods to change the Broadband plan of BSNL. Follow the methods mentioned below to change your BSNL broadband plan as per your request.

Application to BSNL Broadband

In this process, you need to either write an application to the BSNL informing the change from the present plan to the new plan that you want to change. Then send the application to the BSNL broadband office.

Recently, BSNL has initiated a change application over customer support as well where your ticket will be initiated. If you request the plan change via customer support call as well.

Change BroadBand Plan via Selfcare Portal

You can change the BSNL Broadband plan through Selfcare portal of BSNL in online. Just follow the simple steps given below to change plan.

  1. Open official site of BSNL Selfcare Portal or go through this link
  2. Login to your BSNL Selfcare portal with your account details such as ID and Password
  3. Click on your account by clicking on Billing Account Number
  4. Tap on Modify Service option and click on Upgrade Your Plan option
  5. Follow the steps to choose the plan and click on next then confirm the OLD plan and the NEW plan.
  6. Finally tap on Submit Change button

Can I change my BSNL broadband plan?

Yes, you can either write an application to BSNL BroadBand or change the BSNL BroadBand plan through BSNL SelfCare portal by yourself.

Can we change the BSNL broadband plan in the middle of the month?

Yes, you can change the BSNL BroadBand Plan in the middle of the earth and the charges will be on the prorated basis.

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