How to Add Cash or Load Walmart Money Card (7 Easy Ways)

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Running out of balance on your Walmart MoneyCard, so learn How to Load money into Walmart money card which is a reloadable debit, but make sure that you are not crossing your transaction limit while adding money into the account.

Through this article, you will learn how to add money into Walmart MoneyCard using both offline and online methods like Direct deposit, online transfer, Rapid load, Walmart Money center express followed by Tax refunds.

Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid card that issued by famous retail company, Walmart. If you are a regular customer to Walmart stores, using this card is beneficial as it offers cashback money at every purchase you made.

Not only in Stores but also through online shopping and you can use for every purchase where MasterCard or Visa is applicable. But if your card balance is low, then simply load some money into it and reuse it anytime.

To do this, carefully follow different methods that we will discuss and try the way that suits you.

Add Cash to Walmart Moneycard
Add Cash to Walmart Moneycard

How to Load Walmart Money Card

As we already discussed, there are lot of ways to add funds on Walmart Moneycard that includes both offline and online. So follow the steps mentioned below:

How to Load Money to Walmart Moneycard through Direct Deposit

  1. Fill the application form of Direct deposit of Walmart MoneyCard
  2. Check your Routing number and Account number
  3. Submit the form to Employer
  4. Employer start processing your payment without providing a paper check
  5. It will get upto two days before Payday to reflect money into account

To get Direct Deposit Form – Click Here

The Direct Deposit process is completely free of cost as Walmart won’t charge any fees. If you don’t know your direct deposit account number or routing number, you can simply get it by following the steps given below:

How to Get Walmart Routing number

  1. Visit official website and Login Walmart MoneyCard using
  2. Check your routing number and Account number from the dashboard or you can simply text the registered mobile number in this format : “DD” to 37267

How much money Can I able to deposit directly into Walmart MoneyCard at each time ?

You can add upto $3000 to your Walmart MoneyCard at each direct deposit. But make sure that you are not crossing the transaction limit and maximum balance limit of your card.

How to Add Cash to Walmart moneycard through Deposit Checks

  1. Ask your employer for a Deposit check without doing Direct Deposit
  2. Take that Paper Check to Walmart Money Center
  3. Tell the representative to load your Walmart MoneyCard
  4. They will verify the check and load money into the account

Loading money into Walmart MoneyCard through Deposit Check is free of cost.

How to Load Money to Walmart Money Card through Walmart Rapid Reload

  1. Visit any nearby Walmart store
  2. Give your Walmart MoneyCard to any representative
  3. Tell them to load money into the card
  4. Provide the cash including loading charges
  5. Added money will reflect into your account within 10 minutes.

You can only load $20 to $1000 each time and you have to pay loading charges $3. But it is the fastest method to add money to your Walmart MoneyCard.

How to Load Money through Online Transfer

You can easily transfer funds online from one bank to another. Load money to your account using any online payment platform. There are no extra charges included for adding money but you have to pay bank charges if needed.

Can any other person add money to my Walmart Moneycard account?

Yes, anyone can load money to your card by performing an online transfer or Bank transfer. If it is not possible, then create an account at MoneyPak by paying $5.95 and load money through that account.

How to Load Money to Walmart Money Card through Mobile App

Walmart allows its users o use Walmart MoneyCard mobile app to load their accounts. But it is not a direct transfer but you can get a check for yourself and provide it to any Walmart center to load money.

To know this in detail follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch Walmart MoneyCard mobile app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select Deposit tab
  4. Click on Deposit a Check and follow on-screen instructions
  5. Enter your address in the place of mailing address
  6. After receiving Paper Check, do your signature
  7. Write “For mobile deposit only” under your Signature
  8. Submit this check at any nearest Walmart Store

Note: This will take upto 5 business days to receive paper Check at your address.

How to Add money to Walmart moneycard through Tax Refunds

If you are filing any income taxes online, you can claim the refund directly into the Walmart MoneyCard. It takes less time when you file through e-filing as compared to mailing for a refund.

You just need to provide your Card number and Mobile number to the Walmart money center for adding tax refunds to your card balance. They will send direct deposit numbers to you through text for reference.

Also, Walmart won’t charge any fees to add tax refunds.

How to Load Walmart Money Card using MoneyPak

Moneypak is a famous prepaid debit card available at many retailers and used to load money in a Walmart Money card account.

You need to purchase it at any retail store by giving $5.95 of purchasing fee. It will be used as gift card and also to load money for the Walmart Money card. You just need to provide details of your card at the Walmart store and pay with a MoneyPak card.

It is possible to load money online using Moneypak. But you need to create an online account and have to activate it.

Is it possible to load money into your Walmart MoneyCard account using a Credit Card?

No, you can’t add money to your Walmart MoneyCard using Credit cards. But it is possible with Debit cards and as well as Prepaid cards.

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