How to Access PC Financial Transaction History

Check your PC Financial Transaction History that made through any account to manage your expenses, so learn how to access it.

PC Financial provides a lot of banking services online to make their users access it easily from anywhere and at any time.

So we will discuss the different methods to check transaction history through the online portal as well as the Mobile app by following the article till the end.

PC Financial Transaction

PC Financial Transaction History

PC Financial offers cash back points for every transaction you made. You can use it to avail discounts or to purchase anything as 1000 points convert into one dollar.

Transaction History provides you with the total information of transactions held. It shows you the date of the transaction, amount, total cashback points earned, and receiver details for your future reference.

How to Access PC Financial Transactions Online

So now let’s have a look to know how to access PC Financial Transactions using both the mobile app and online portal through the web. To do this, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of PC Financial using link
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. Enter your Username and Password and tap on Sign in
  4. Go to the Transaction tab
  5. Switch the account for which you want to access
  6. You can download the transaction history by clicking on Export CSV or Export to Quicken link or you can check the transaction details for the past 45 days on the page
  7. If you want to review the complete details of the particular transaction, Click on that transaction
  8. You can able to search or filter for transactions to find them easily.

PC Financial Transaction History on Mobile App

  1. Open the PC Financial Mobile app on your mobile
  2. Login to your account
  3. Swipe left or right to reach the account section
  4. Select the Transactions option to view transaction history

If you don’t have the PC Financial app on your mobile, install it through the below link:

Is it possible to download transaction history of PC Financial?

Yes, you can download or export your transaction history of PC Financial. Just go to the transactions section using the online portal or mobile app and click on the export link present on the page. You will get this in CSV file format and save it to your device.

Why are my transaction details not showing in transaction details?

Sometimes you will not be able to see the transaction details of a payment you made. It’s just because the transaction is still pending. To check this, click on the Pending tab on the transaction page and check for the transaction.

Access PC Financial Transactions using PC Optimum

PC optimum is a loyalty program for PC Financial users to earn cash back points. Cash back receives as PC optimum points for every purchase or payment you made. You have to enroll for it to access this features.

You can also use PC Optimum online portal and Mobile app to check transaction history made through PC Financial MasterCard. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the official website of PC Optimum using link
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. Provide the Email address and Password and tap on sign in
  4. Click on the Points option at the top of the page
  5. You can filter the transaction history by providing options
  6. To check the full details of the transaction, click on the red arrow present there

Note: You can check the details of transactions made in the past 45 days on the online portal.

PC Financial Transactions on PC Optimum Mobile app

  1. Launch the PC Optimum app on your mobile
  2. Tap on Sign in
  3. Login to your account
  4. Select Accounts option
  5. Tap on Transactions
  6. To verify the complete details of the transaction just click on it

To install the PC Optimum app on your mobile, follow the links given:

How to check my complete transaction history of PC Financial?

You can only view the transaction details of the past 45 days in the transactions section of PC Financial. To access complete transaction history, you need to download eStatements through an online portal or Mobile app. It will provide you transaction history of the past 24 months.

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How to do PC Financial Dispute Transaction

If you see a suspicious transaction or the transaction you didn’t make on the transaction history of PC Financial, you can dispute it.

To do this, go to the transactions section of PC Financial using an online portal or mobile app. Click on the transaction that you feel you didn’t do. Tap on the “dispute this transaction” link and follow the onscreen instructions.

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