Walmart Money Card Balance Check in Online or Mobile App

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You can check Walmart money card balance of your card using multiple ways like through online portal, mobile app, followed by message alert.

So follow our article till the end to learn different methods that works both in online and offline.

Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable debit card that offers by Walmart and issued by Green Dot. You can use this card to purchase anything through online and as well as offline where MasterCard or Visa card applicable.

Walmart MoneyCard Balance Check
Walmart MoneyCard Balance Check

It also provides cashback money at every purchase you made and can use this money to purchase products. You can check your main card balance and also Cashback money balance using different methods that we discuss in this article.

Walmart Money Card Balance Check Online

To check available balance on your PC through online portal of Walmart MoneyCard. To do this just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit official website of Walmart MoneyCard using link
  2. Click on Log in
  3. Enter User Id and Password and tap on login
  4. Go to balance check tab on your Dashboard
  5. Check the balance available on your screen

You can use this feature to check available balance on online portal at any time and available on 24/7.

How to View Walmart Money Card Balance on iPhone & Android Mobiles

You can follow above method for viewing balance of Walmart MoneyCard using Safari browser through iPhone. But you can also access banking services through mobile app. So follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Walmart MoneyCard app on iPhone
  2. Check for “Slide for Balance” option present at bottom of the screen
  3. Simply slide to right on the screen to check available balance
  4. Or login to your account using user id and password
  5. There you can check account balance and also cashback money balance

Walmart MoneyCard app link for iPhone Users – Click Here and for Android Users – App link

How to Know Walmart Money Card Available Balance through Text Alerts

Walmart Moneycard offering the best feature to get balance very easily by activating Text alerts. It will send the notifications related to the category you selected to your mobile number.

How to Activate Text Alerts

So to get this text alerts, you need to set up this first and then have to send a text to check balance. Just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open official website of Walmart MoneyCard mobile balance check using link
  2. Click on Set up Alerts present at middle of the page
  3. Login to your account using User Id and Password
  4. Set up your personalized alerts based on your choice
  5. Save the changes made

You will get alerts on SMS or Email, but keep remember it will just send you the alerts if the balance is getting low. If you want to check it manually, then you need to send a text. To do this, follow the steps:

How to get Walmart Money Card Balance through Text Message

  1. Register your mobile number to your Walmart MoneyCard account through login portal
  2. Send a message in the format ” BAL XXXX ” to 96411 through your registered mobile number
  3. XXXX – indicates last four digits of your Walmart MoneyCard
  4. You will receive a message showing your available balance.

Walmart won’t charges any fee to send you available walmart money card balance information through message.

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