Walmart MasterCard Login Online at in Different Gadgets

Make the proper use of your Walmart MasterCard and know the login process for accessing it simply at your fingertips.

If You are a frequent visitor of Walmart Stores and Sam’s Club, then Walmart MasterCard is the best choice. So to understand this, we will discuss more about its benefits, application, and login process too.

Walmart MasterCard

Walmart MasterCard is a special type of Credit card offered by Capital One Bank. Capital One bank provides a wide variety of banking services including Savings accounts, Chequing accounts, insurance and Credit Cards, and many more for their customers.

By using it, you will get a lot of benefits and save you money. But before doing this, you need to apply for Walmart MasterCard for enjoying the benefits of it online and as well as offline.

Walmart Mastercard Login

How to Apply Walmart MasterCard online

You can apply for Walmart MasterCard online and also through Walmart stores. To do this, just follow the simple steps mentioned below :

It is one of the easiest process to apply for Walmart MasterCard through online as you no need to visit any offline store and also it takes very less time to complete the process. So follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Walmart Rewards MasterCard official webpage using
  2. Click on Apply Now at middle of the page
  3. Tap on Apply Now in next page
  4. Verify Walmart Rewards MasterCard (Credit Card) details like interest rates, minimum payment, annual fees and other
  5. Click on “Accept and Continue”
  6. Enter Email address and tap on Continue
  7. You will receive an Email from which you will create or sign in to your Walmart account
  8. Provide your personal information like name, date of birth on the column
  9. Enter your income details and credit details in Income section
  10. Finally, review your application and submit it

How to Apply Walmart MasterCard through Walmart Store

If you face any issue on applying Walmart MasterCard through online or feeling confused, then simply visit the offline store that presents near you. Just follow the simple steps :

  1. Visit the nearest Walmart Store
  2. Ask for Application of Walmart Reward MasterCard
  3. Fill the Application by providing all the required details
  4. Submit the Application with a valid ID issued by the government and also a valid income proof
  5. Inform officials for further notice.

What happens in Application Process

After submitting the application, wait for the verification. If it verified successfully, you will get the physical credit card to your address and you can use it in any store where the MasterCard is acceptable and also you can use it through online.

Note: If you face any problem while applying for Walmart MasterCard, you can contact customer support on toll free number 18883316133

Now after successfully getting your Walmart Reward MasterCard, you can access this and all banking services through online portal of Walmart.

Walmart MasterCard Login

You can login for Walmart MasterCard through online to access it for viewing balance and some more banking services at your fingertips. So just follow the different methods to login by following simple steps given below:

Walmart Mastercard Sign In at

  1. Visit official site of Walmart Reward MasterCard using link
  2. Click on “Sign in My account” present at top right corner of the page
  3. Enter Email Id or mobile number and Password
  4. Tap on Sign in to login for your account and access your account
Walmart Mastercard Login Not Working, What to do

Walmart Mastercard Login through iPhone

You can also follow the same steps as we discussed for online method. You just need to open your Safari browser on your iPhone and Visit official website of Walmart Reward MasterCard.

Then follow the same process that we discussed above. But there is an another option available to access it through iPhone and that is using mobile app

To do login through mobile app follow the steps given below:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone
  2. Search for Walmart app and install it
  3. Open installed app, enter required credentials and click on login
  4. If you want to link your Walmart Reward MasterCard to your account for accessing it, simply click on menu option present as three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the home page
  5. Select Walmart Credit Card option
  6. Enter your Card details and add it to the account
  7. You can access your Walmart Reward MasterCard through a mobile app

Walmart Mastercard Login through Android

Follow the same process that we discussed for iPhone but you need to install the app from the Google Play Store. Maybe the interface of the apps may vary but the functionality is the same.

How to Reset Walmart Mastercard Login Forgot Password

After visiting your login page of Walmart Reward MasterCard, if you are facing the issue of the wrong Password, then simply follow the steps given below to fix this:

  1. Click on the Forgot Password link using
  2. Enter your Email Address and tap on the Continue
  3. You will get an email from Walmart to recover your Password
  4. Follow on-screen instructions in mail to reset your password

Note: If you forgot the email that you used at the time of creation of Walmart account, then you need to create a new account.

Walmart MasterCard Benefits

As Walmart provides two types of Credit cards for their customers based on the Profile and their choice. The two are

  1. Walmart Rewards MasterCard
  2. Walmart Rewards World MasterCard

Both are almost same but a slight changes on rewards earned when you shop at and at the fuel stations. There are lot of benefits available by using this. Just check the followed list :

  • There is no annual fee for any of the Card
  • You will get Walmart reward points whenever you purchase something by using this MasterCard
  • You can use that reward points to purchase anything in Walmart stores and at
  • Get 1.25% reward points and 3% reward points for shopping at by the Rewards MasterCard and Rewards World MasterCard respectively
  • Get 1% for reward mastercard and 1.25% for world mastercard by usem it at fuel stations
  • It will provide purchase assurance for any product you bought by using Walmart MasterCard also doubles the warranty of the product

What is the eligibility criteria for getting Walmart Rewards World MasterCard?

If you are already a existing user of Walmart Rewards MasterCard, then you need to spend atleast $15000 within 12 months to qualify for applying Walmart Rewards World MasterCard. Now talking about new users, they are eligible for the World MasterCard if they have a minimum annual household income of $100,000. Also you need to come through some more criteria.

Which Card can I get in my mail after applying for Walmart MasterCard ?

After you submitted application for MasterCard, they verify your details and send the card as per your qualification and eligibility Criteria. Based on this, you will get the Credit Card on your mail.

What are the benefits I get on Insurance by having Walmart Rewards World MasterCard ?

If you have World MasterCard of Walmart, it will provides insurance on purchases. It will provides “Purchase Assurance Protection” insurance for any purchase you made that if you lost or get any damaged product.

You will replace it within 90 days from the date of purchase. And also World MasterCard provides “Extended Warranty Protection” that doubles the Warranty of the product that you purchased.

Where Can I able to use my Reward points of Walmart MasterCard ?

You can use your Walmart MasterCard reward points at the Walmart stores and also in (online store) for purchasing any product. There is no limit for reward points for any purchases as you can completely use it for buying any product.

How to redeem reward points at the time of purchase through online store of Walmart ?

If you want to redeem your reward points of Walmart MasterCard, simply go to online store of Walmart that is and select the items that you want to purchase. At the time of checkout, just select the option of Redeem Walmart Reward dollars.

After selecting it, enter the amount of reward points that you want to use and click on Apply button. But you can only select reward points in $5 increments. Finally, do remaining payments of the purchase you made.

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