Tenda Login to SetUp Router & Change WiFi Credentials

Are you a Tenda user, then it is a mandatory to know Tenda login and router setup for WiFi and other configuration. Just check simple guide to change Tenda router wifi settings and wifi passwords…

If you have either bought a Tenda router recently or have been using it for a while or long, then you need to understand the process of setting up your router.

As you all know, the main function of any router is to connect to WiFi and provide Internet via WiFi. So, in this article we will simply be explaining to you how to connect and complete Tenda login admin access.

Tenda Login

IP addressUser namePasswordLogin %  –31%
Tenda Login

Tenda Router Login Setup

Well let us get started with learning the process to Tenda login to your Tenda router and then set up the WiFi.

  1. Search in your search browser

    Open your PC or Laptop, then open any browser and then enter the IP Address in the address bar and click enter

  2. Redirected to Tenda router login portal

    As you are connected to the Tenda WiFi, you will be redirected to Tenda router official login portal

  3. Provide admin details

    You need to enter the admin details as admin and admin

  4. Tap on login to access settings

    then click on login button to access your Tenda router settings

How to Change Tenda Router WiFi Settings

Now you are logged into your Tenda router admin settings by following the above steps. You need to follow the below steps to change Tenda WiFi settings.

  1. Login to your Tenda router and then click on Wireless option
  2. Click on Network Name (SSID) and this will be your WiFi name which you can change
  3. Once done, tap on Apply and your network name will now be saved

How to Change Tenda Router WiFi Password

  1. Once logging into your account of Tenda, click on Wireless from the left sidebar
  2. Click on WPA2-PSK option and this is your password settings
  3. Enable this first and then enter a Tenda wifi password change you would like to set as your WiFi password
  4. Once done, tap on apply button and then your Tenda WiFi password will be saved.
  1. How do I log into Tenda WiFi?

    You can enter the IP Address into your address bar and hit the enter button, then login with admin and admin as your login info to log into Tenda WiFi.

  2. How do I change my Tenda 192.168 0.1 password?

    Once you login to your Tenda WiFi router portal. Click on WPA2-PSK option from the left side bar and this is where you can change your password for tenda . Once changed, click on save and your Tenda password will be saved.

  3. What is Tenda WiFi login password?

    The Tenda WiFi login password is 192.168 0.1 tenda login admin.

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