LHB Coach & Advantages of using LHB Coaches

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We discuss about what is LHB Coaches in Railways and advantages in using LHB Coach for safe travelling…

LHB Coach Full Form

LHB Full form is LINKE HOFMANN BUSCH, and it is a passenger coach used in Indian railways. This LHB Coaches are made for broad gauge network of Indian railways. Initially, railway coaches are imported from Germany started manufacturing in India at Rail coach Factory Kapurthala.

Later started manufacturing at Integral Coach factory- Chennai and Modern coach Factory- Rai Bareli. Initially Indian Railway uses ICF coaches (Integral Coach Factory). Now all these ICF coaches will be replaced by LHB coaches due to ICF coaches have limitation in terms of

  • Speed potential
  • Heavy corrosion
  • Poor Riding comfort
  • Wearing of parts in the under gear
lhb coaches 1
LHB Coaches

Advantages of LHB coach over ICF coach

To overcome these limitations Indian railways entered agreement with M/S ALSTOM LHB Germany to supply LHB Coaches. The main Advantages of LHB coaches over ICF coaches are

  • Higher carrying Capacity
    • These coaches are 2mteres longer than ICF Coaches. So two additional rows chairs in Chair car or one addition bay in sleeper Coaches can be accommodated.
  • Lower weight compared to ICF Coaches
    • LHB coaches are made stainless steel so they are lighter than ICF coaches and coach is designed for operating speed of 160kmph and it will go up to 200kmph. These coaches’ weight is about 10%less than ICF Coaches.
  • Corrosion rate is low compared to ICF Coaches
    • Due to usage of extensive stainless steel, better design and manufacturing techniques, corrosion is less than ICF Coaches.
  • Low Maintenance Cost
    • Replacement and removal of subsystems will be required only after one million kilometres.
  • Superior interiors Compared to ICF Coaches
    • Interior sidewall and roof are covered with FRP panels which can be removed easily for maintenance. This panels are water resistance and ware resistance
  • No Visible Screws inside the passenger Compartment.
  • Better passenger comfort
    • Due to hydraulics suspension and side suspension passengers feel fewer jerks.
    • Noise generated by LHB Coaches is 40% less than ICF Coaches
    • Airconditioning in these coaches is of higher capacity and controlled by Microprocessor.
  • LHB Coach Offers better passenger Safety
    • Vertically interlocked Center buffer coupling system that improves the safety of passengers.
    • Use of Fire resistance material for furnishing.
    • Provision of emergency openable windows.
    • During Collision or Derailment LHB coaches do not claim on to adjacent coaches due to use of center buffer coupling system.
    • LHB Coaches are anti Telescopic. These coaches do not penetrate to adjacent coaches in case of any accidents.
  • LHB Coach Offers better passenger amenities
    • More space for pantry-coolers and heaters will be available in pantry.
    • Individual read light in chair car.
    • Ergonomically designed chairs with reclining back seat.
  • Materials used in construction of these LHB coaches are Heat and Sound Insulators.
  • LHB Coaches uses “Advance Pneumatic Disc brake systems” for efficient brake at higher speeds so it stops in very short distance whereas ICF coaches uses Air brakes which stops at longer distance.
  • LHB Coaches are equipped with” Controlled Discharge Toilet Systems (CDTS)” and Bio Toilets which are environment friendly.
  • Overall manufacturing Cost of LHB Coaches is lesser than ICF coach and maintenance cost also lesser than ICF coach. LHB coach required Periodic Over Haul (POH)once in 24 Months whereas Once in 18 months.

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