ISTG Meaning and Examples of How ISTG Used

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Through our article, you may completely know about ISTG meaning and How to use it followed by the cases where and when it is not suitable to use.

In our daily life, we came through many short forms in chatting and conversation to reduce complexity of word and may confused sometimes, so now came through such similar short form called ISTG.


What does ISTG mean?

ISTG means For “I Swear To God“. This word is often used in everyday language. It is a spiritual word and also very popular on social media. In a way, this word is very closely related to the word Oh My God.

ISTG The word OMG appears more on social media than the word itself, which are some of the commonly used acronyms.

How to use ISTG

The word is often used to express their purity of will in some cases. So here are some of the reasons to use ISTG :

When you face doubt from someone, you use this word a lot to make them believe in you. This way you can try to make those who doubt you believe you.

If your work or behavior is not liked by the people we want, they promise to adapt to your behavior or what you do. This word can be used to promise that you will definitely change when others think you are unchangeable in something

We use this word when you want to or already threaten someone. This word can be used in a threatening manner to prevent someone from doing something that harms you or something you don’t like.

Examples of How ISTG is Used

Example 1: To swear

  • ISTG, I will never do something like this again
  • You are so innocent ISTG
  • ISTG, I am not lying to you

From the above example, it can be understood that you are taking a vow for not to do something you don’t like

Example 2: To express Conviction of something

  • Sure I will complete the project within your allotted time, ISTG and give it to you.
  • ISTG, today is the last submission day.

From the above examples, you are showing certainty of any particular task and expressing confidence in your sentence.

When You shouldn’t use ISTG

It is generally not acceptable to use the abbreviation ISTG in professional conversations where you are respectful of others or in some other official conversation. There are other ways to make yourself honest.

Also, it is best to not to use this term when you are talking to someone who is mostly religious or spiritual. Because there are many possibilities of damaging their beliefs and sentiments due to such comments.

It is not suitable or makes sense to use ISTG in more vulgar, offensive, and disrespectful conversations. Because such a word is spiritual, others may be offended by these comments. So one should be very careful in such matters.

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