Cancel INTERAC e Transfer RBC in New Modes

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One can cancel Interac e Transfer RBC in 2 modes from online banking or with mobile application as and when required to cancel the transfer payment scheduled.

Interac e-Transfer is a fund transfer service operating in Canada. This is an electronic service for businesses and individuals who receive and send money widely used to transfer money from one bank account to another securely and quickly.

Cancel INTERAC e Transfer RBC

RBC INTERAC e Transfer Process

  • Sender starts the transfer.
  • Security question to be answered appears.
  • Notification sent to the recipient.
  • Funds claimed by recipient.
  • Fund transferred.

How to Cancel Interac e Transfer RBC

Just after making the transfer, we might feel that it should not made. There may many reasons for it like the wrong entry of the account number, funds already transferred, the sender changing their mind, etc.

Whatever the reason, one can easily cancel the Interac e-Transfer in online banking. First, let us discuss, how to cancel it through online banking process

  1. Login to your RBC online banking from which the transfer made.
  2. Search on the e-Transfers section.
  3. Select Interac e-Transfer.
  4. Select History and Pending.
  5. Select the transaction to cancel.
  6. Click on Stop Transfer.

What if the Cancel tab doesn’t appear

If the ‘Cancel’ tab doesn’t appear once you select the transaction, it means that you can no longer cancel the Interac e-Transfer any more. The process may not reversed.

How to cancel Interac e Transfer transaction?

One can do so through the App or the online bank account login.

Is any charge is deducted for canceling the transaction?

The charge may be deducted in the name of the cancellation Fee.

To cancel Interac e-Transfer in the Android App or iOS, you need to follow the same steps and not any distinct procedure. Just follow the steps discussed below

How to Cancel RBC Interac eTransfer in iOS

  1. Open the App and click on ‘Move Money’.
  2. Tap on ‘Send Interac e-Transfer’.
  3. Search and click on the ‘History’ tab.
  4. Select the transaction/transfer that you want to cancel.
  5. Tap on ‘Cancel Transfer’.
  6. Follow instructions.

Is there any time limit for the cancellation of Interac e-Transfer?

Yes, there is a time limit. It varies according to the type of transaction.

If the Interac e-Transfer is on hold or pending, can one cancel the e-Transfer?

Yes, if it falls under the allowed cancellation timeframe, it can be canceled.

How to Cancel RBC Interac eTransfer in Android App

  1. Open App.
  2. Click on ‘Move Money’ in the navigation bar.
  3. Tap on the ‘Action Button’.
  4. Click on ‘Cancel an Interac e-Transfer’.
  5. Tap on transfer or transaction.
  6. Click on ‘Cancel Transfer’.

How to cancel Interac e-Transfer through RBC Bank?

The process of canceling the transaction through RBC Bank is the same. But, if you want to know the precise process, just click on this link and follow the instructions.

Can I cancel Interac e-Transfer on weekends or public holidays?

Yes, if the transaction is within the time limit. You can cancel.

Once the Interac e-Transfer canceled, how long does it take for the refund of funds?

It depends on many factors, especially the type of fund returned.

Interac e- Transfer expires after how many days?

Mostly, it expires after 30 days. Once the e-transfer has expired, you can reclaim it in about 15 days and not more than that. For more information, click here.

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