Bandhan Bank SMS Banking with New SMS Codes List

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Banking with Bandhan Bank SMS codes becomes very easy for balance enquiry, statement, cheque book . Just check listed SMS services and their codes to avail benefits by simply sitting at home…

Bandhan Bank is one of Private banks in India does bring some selected codes for the customer who have the mobile number linked with their account. If customers enabled mobile banking in their Bandhan Bank account, then they can use SMS codes to access their account.

Bandhan Bank

As the technology moves forward, the services framed to easily manage for better service to customers. These Bandhan Bank SMS banking services don’t need any internet data. It just needs you to send the selected entries from your mobile number.

The platform designed to connect with your bank account and provide you instant replay with your query, which doesn’t let you walk to ATMs or Bank branch or even require you to access your net banking.

NameBandhan Bank
Toll free number18002588181
Customer care number03344099090

Bandhan Bank SMS Code Service

Here are some options that may easily retrieve from Bandhan Bank SMS service. This may sent from your registered mobile number to their number.

  • Can convert your Bandhan Bank Account into prime account
  • Get your registration for SMS banking for first time
  • Remove your number from SMS banking
  • Get your quick minim staying with your last transactions
  • Check your account balance
  • May raise a request for your cheque book instantly
  • Stop a cheque that may issue by you
  • Check status of cheque which issued from your account

There are more SMS codes from Bandhan Bank, which may use to retrieve useful information from your Bandhan Bank account directly without any interface using your mobile.

Bandhan Bank SMS Codes List

Service TypeSMS Code (Syntax) send to 9223011000
mobile number registrationREG Account number
Deactivation of RegistrationDEREG AC. NO.
Balance inquiryBAL Account number
Mini statementMINI AC. NO.
Request for Cheque bookCHQBOOK Account number
Stop the CheckCHQSTOP AC. NO.
Cheque NO Cheque number
Cheque statusCHQSTATUS Account number
Cheque NO Cheque number
For setting A prime accountSETPRIME account number
Give space between keyword and account number

What is the timing to use Bandhan Bank SMS Service?

The Bandhan Bank SMS banking service if available round the clock and customers with their mobile number linked with their account, can use the service and get the response for the options opted.

Can we get the services of Bandhan Bank through SMS?

Yes. By sending a SMS to 9223011000, we are able to use the services of Bandhan Bank.

Will anyone check balance in Bandhan Bank through SMS?

Yes. It is possible to check balance in Bandhan Bank by sending SMS BAL Account number to 9223011000, then they will send a message reply showing your balance.

Where do I find Bandhan Bank SMS Codes?

The SMS codes from the Bandhan Bank are available on the official website. Customers who want to use these services have to get the SMS codes from the official website and utilize the same to get updates from their account.

Can I get a list of ATMs and Branches with Bandhan Bank SMS service?

There is a defined code which when sent from the registered mobile number to the Bandhan Bank number, will update you with the nearest ATM and Branch. This way the customer can get to know about the details of the branch or ATMs without using the internet.

Is Bandhan Bank SMS Banking and Missed Service number the same?

The Bandhan Bank SMS banking and banking can be opted by using the number 9223011000 and the Bandhan Bank Missed call service can be utilized by using the number 9223008666.

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