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What is payment support plan (PSP)? It is the one of the optional insurance coverage for any type of unexpected happens in our life. We can’t predict our future, so here is the process to enroll PC financial payment support plan for unexpected happens.

These payments can be done by the help of PC master card and it can be worked as a bank account. PC financial payment can be used anywhere in this world and the PC Mastercard is also accepted.

PC Financial Payment Support Plan
Enroll for PC Financial Payment

PC Financial Payment Support Plan

PC financial payment is Canadian financial payment services company. It will help you to make payments for your PC Financial Mastercard

It can be used for PC financial world Mastercard as well as PC financial visa, and this payment process can be done online or in participating banks.

How to Register PC Financial Payment Support Plan Online

If you want to register for PC financial payment support plan through desktop or online here is the process for the registration

  1. Open the official website of PC financial and log in to it
  2. Tap on the “account management”
  3. You will notice “creditor insurance”, below that select “payment support plan”
  4. Tap on “I’m interested”.
  5. You should have to follow the instructions to make the payment through desktop or online.

You can also register by calling the PC financial customer service at 18662467262

You must have these things with you in order to register for the payment support plan, those are:

  • Your email address which is registered for the bank account
  • Your personal phone number
  • Your residential address
  • You must have social insurance number (SIN)
  • Your date of birth as per your government certification
  • Your PC financial credit card number

How to Enroll PC Financial Payment Support Plan in Mobile App

  • You can enroll in the same way as mentioned in the online registration
  • Here is the app link in android mobile phone, click here
  • If you are a ISO user then here is the app link for iphone, click here

Don’t use APK apps for PC financial payment support plan. If you use it then your data will be easily stolen by some hackers, so just go through the mentioned above link which has been provided.

In the both processes if you want to make a claim or if you want to check the status of existing claim you can call to Canada life at 1-877-789-4182.

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How to know that we are eligible for the PC financial payment?

This is the easy eligibility for the PC financial payment because if you are a Canadian and you are under 65 years age then you are 50% eligible for the payment support plan.

  • If you are a PC Mastercard holder, PC financial visa or PC financial world Mastercard
  • If you have the proper credit card account
  • You should know how to make payments through online, phone or at a participating bank

If you are going to make payments then you must keep these things in your mind:

  • You have to make at least one payment in a month
  • If you are not able to pay the amount in on time then you will be charged interest and late fees
  • You can enjoy your payments up to your credit limit

There are three types of payment support plan coverages and they are :

  • Job loss/disability
  • Death
  • Spousal coverage.

Job loss/ disability

  • There will be income replacement that will depend on your plan which you have taken. When you are not able to work due to job loss or disability then they will provide some portion income to you as a benefit to you.
  • This plan provides you medical expenses, for example doctor’s visit, any admits and prescription of medicines.
  • It will provide to long-term cares such as nursing home care.
  • In case of unexpected death it will provide you the life insurance if you are having the plan.


  • You will receive death benefits of depending on your plan.
  • Here is the best plan that is wavier of premium, it is the plan which the beneficiaries will not have to pay premiums on the insurance policy after any unexpected death. It will save money to your beneficiaries.
  • This plan is accelerated death benefit, it will allow you to withdraw the portion of death benefits from the insurance plan when you are alive. This money can be used for medical expenses.
  • It will also provide term life insurance, it will give the death benefits to your beneficiaries if you die in between the plan such as 10 to 20 years.
  • It will also give us whole life insurance that it will coverage for entire life. This plan is higher than term life insurance.


  • The authorized spouse will automatically enrolled for the primary cardholder.
  • And she will also have the same eligibility criteria as the primary cardholder.

The eligibility criteria for the spousal coverages are:

  • She should be the legal spouse for the primary cardholder.
  • She should be an authorized user of PC financial Mastercard.
  • She should be the Canada citizen.

Advantages of PC financial payment support plan

  • You will have some peace of mind when you think of financial assistance.
  • There will be the ability to focus on your recovery or finding a new job that it will find you a job without any credit card bills
  • There will be opportunity to build or rebuild credit history that if you can’t make credit card payment on time then it will help you in build or rebuild credit history.
  • It provides low cost payment support plan at $12.95 per month that it can give you some peace of mind.

Reference: https://www.pcfinancial.ca/en/psp/

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