Bank of Maharashtra SMS Codes for New Banking

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Bank of Maharashtra SMS codes providing SMS facility for their customers to avail the services easily by sending a simple message. Just check List of Services, SMS codes and Services offering…

Bank of Maharashtra is one of the Public Sector Banks in India, which as its branches all over India. This is one of the oldest banks which provide services to numerous customers round the clock. The Bank of Maharashtra has introduced the service of internet banking and as well the SMS service for their customer.

In earlier the customer used to get the instant message when any transaction has happened in their account. The current update on Bank of Maharashtra, does allow the customer to know their bank account details by sending a few SMS codes to the Bank of Maharashtra toll free number.

NameBank of Maharashtra
Toll Free number18002334526 / 18001022636
Email Id (for complaint)

To use the service of SMS banking from Bank of Maharashtra, the system has to first get a number registered with their Bank account. Once the account is linked, the customer has to visit the bank and submit the SMS banking registration application form. The Application will be processed in quite 48 hours and thereafter the customer will be allowed to use the SMS banking options.

The following options avail the Bank of Maharashtra SMS codes and services for New Banking

Bank of Maharashtra SMS Codes

Bank fo Maharashtra SMS Codes & Services

Service OfferedSMS Syntax (Semd To SMS  to 9223181818)
Balance EnquiryBALAVL <account no> <mpin>
Last 3 TransactionsLATRAN <Account no> <mpin>
Cheque StatusCHQSTS <cheque no> <account no> <mpin>
Change mpinCHGPIN <new mpin> <old mpin>
HELPHelp <Operation Code> <mpin>
Aadhar SeedingSEED <Aadhaar Number> <Bank Account Number>

Can I get the last 10 transactions from the Bank of Maharashtra SMS Service?

The SMS service of Bank of Maharashtra only updates you with the truncation happened with count of 3. To know more about the past transaction customer has to login to their internet banking portal or visit the nearest Bank of Maharashtra branch.

Why don’t I get a response for the SMS code sent by BOI Bank?

The Bank of Maharashtra does send the response to the SMS codes from the customer within 1 miniature or 2 minute. The response time is very quick and will not be delayed for a longer time. In such cases, the customer has to check their common balance or visit the branch to check SMS banking service is enabled to their account.

Can I have a different number for Account and SMS banking BOI?

There must be only one number to use the services of Bank of Maharashtra, as the bank checks the accounts linked with the mobile number and once an SMS code is received, the bank account is verified and the update from that account will be sent as a response.

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