Foreign Inward Remittance

Foreign Inward Remittance – Does Require Separate Bank Account

Make sure the changes made from time to time that need to check on foreign inward remittance and any requirement of separate account for inward amount credit, Find the different ways to receive the foreign inward remittance… Money transfer is a regular component of every individual or firm from place to another, and in this

Uses of Forex Card

Uses of Forex Card & Types of Forex Card

Best types and Uses of Forex card and repercussions must know at any time to utilize in abroad, Also, check how it works and what to do if the forex card lost… A Forex card meaning is nothing but the best worldwide used card that is an essential item when you’re traveling or moving to

National Insurance Customer ID Search

National Insurance Customer ID Search for Insurance Policy

If you want to know how to search National Insurance policy Customer ID and main uses of Knowing Customer ID, then follow the page and you find the exact… For each policy issued by National Insurance company have a unique number for Customer. If same customer have requested for another policy, by using same customer

Bank of India Balance Check

Bank of India Balance Check Number to Check on SMS & Missed Call

Bank of India providing lot of services for their customers to check their account balance, through Missed Call service, using Toll free number, SMS and also Email services… Bank of India was founded in 1906 which has over 5000 branches across the country with more than 3400 ATMs. The bank provides multiple services to their

Relationship Between Bank and Customer

Relationship Between Banker and Customer

There have to be a relation more than transactional banking between Banker and the Customer. Just check the detailed relationship between Bankers and the Customers in different scenarios… The customer opening an account with the banker and agreeing with the terms of account creation does give rise to Contractual Relationship with Banker. The relation between

National Insurance Claim Intimation

National Insurance Claim Intimation, Track Status and Claim Form

Find out how national insurance claim intimation has been done during the cause of accident, Where we find national insurance claim form, How to Check national insurance claim status after applying for claim… National Insurance main business portfolio is Motor. For customers convenience National Insurance has launched online claim intimation service in their website 24*7,

SMS Banking

What is SMS Banking and Bank SMS Code List

Find out what is SMS Banking and different types of SMS Banking codes of each bank related to Public Sector and Private Banking in India… SMS banking is a form of mobile banking that allows customers to access banking services and perform financial transactions using text messaging (SMS) on their mobile phones. The customer needs

SBI Internet Banking

How to Transfer Money by using SBI Net Banking

SBI makes the way easier to transfer money by using Net Banking Service. Just check simple guide to transfer money and list of more money transfer options by SBI… Net banking facility brings the most of the baking options online which reduces the stress of customers by walking towards the branch. SBI Net banking is

KSEB Quick Pay Online Payment

KSEB Online Payment at Quick Pay Portal or Mobile App

Now make your KSEB online payment at quick pay portal using UPI or net banking or credit/debit card gateways, Check how to pay through KSEB mobile app and with Amazon pay or PayTM… Kerala State Electricity Board formed by Kerala State Government under the Electricity act 1948. KSEB determined to generate, transmit and distribute the


IMPS Full Form & How IMPS Works in Banking Payments

A real-time interbank electronic fund transfer service in India is called IMPS, and the IMPS full form is Immediate Payment Service. Customers can use their mobile phones or other devices to swiftly and securely transfer money between bank accounts. It is simple and secure to transfer money with IMPS because it employs a mobile number

IFSC code

What is IFSC Code & When Used in Banking

What is IFSC Code and does it really require now for fund transfer. Find IFSC Code uses in transferring money through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS in banks and What if not… If you have ever visited a bank or wanted to complete an application form that requires input from your bank for payment transfer, then

Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop

Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop and Advantages

Are you confused for buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop or Without Mop. Both the cleaners have it’s own advantages and disadvantages in it. So just follow our article till end to get clear information of robotic vacuum cleaners and it’s functionality that contains without mop. Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop Mostly you will

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and How Does it Works

By just seeing the name don’t judge that robotic vacuum cleaner only vacuum your house, but the reality is most of the cleaners can mop the floor too. Robotic vacuum cleaners improve it’s features day to day to reach the needs and requirements of their customers. Now cleaners come with 2 in 1 mode that

Control your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

How to Control Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner using Amazon Alexa

Enjoy an extremely premium hands-free experience cleaning by using the famous voice assistant Amazon echo to control your Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Also have a look on 5 best robot vacuums that compatible with Alexa. Most of the robot vacuum models that are available nowadays are compatible with Amazon Echo. You just have to give voice

How Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping Your Home

How Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping Your Home

Have you ever thought how your robot vacuum navigate or do mapping of your entire house itself and follows the same path always. As robot vacuum cleaners works on artificial intelligence, it maps your house first by roaming around and stores the entire mapping information. Through this article know how it navigates the house, different

NEFT Timings

NEFT Timings & NEFT Transaction Time for Transfer

Want to transfer money securely and efficiently to others via bank account, then make it easy by NEFT. Just check the NEFT timings and required details to complete NEFT transfer… National Electronic Fund Transfer is a banking service which used to transfer money from one bank account to another. NEFT is more preferable because it

Seven Eleven Near Me

Seven Eleven Near Me

In this guide we will help you with a couple of methods you can use to easily find and know where the nearest seven eleven are nearby and you would be amazed to see how easy it is to use these methods and find these 7 eleven stores nearby. You’ll be happy to know that

RTGS Timings

RTGS Timings and RTGS Process for Money Transfer

Want to transfer big amount of money from one bank to other with RTGS Service. Then just check the RTGS timings and it’s process to complete your transfer without any delay… RTGS Timings Here we have brought some information about the RTGS timing. That might helpful to you in case of a large amount transfer