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Get detailed information on Maritime Lawyer and their duties. Complete guide of maritime law and their services on every aspect like Maintenance, passenger duties and much more…

Maritime Lawyer

Maritime Lawyer is an advocate who specializes in laws which are used on overseas and marine waters. The navigable waters laws are referred to as Maritime Law which is different from regular laws which are followed at National Level and International Level. A Maritime Lawyer has to have the information and knowledge of Marine Laws, National Laws and international Laws.

The Maritime Law is one which a Maritime Lawyer follows and it does combine all laws from nations, so that any violation of law on sea will be treated equally but not based on that particular nation law.

Maritime Lawyer is also known as admiralty law, which is a body of conventions, treaties governing and laws for private maritime business, nautical matters, shipping and offenses on open water. The law is equal to all countries and has very good demand among students.

There are international rules which govern the activities which undergo on the seas and oceans. This is also referred to as the Law of Seas, which include several laws that protect seamen. Any business for usage of water or polluting the water by any means, are all covered under these laws. A Maritime Lawyer is responsible to guide and take proper actions against the wrongdoers.

Maritime Lawyer
Maritime Lawyer

What does a Maritime Lawyer do

The duties are based on the principles of Maritime Law which are thus followed and implemented. There are various principles and rules which are followed based on activities on the high seas.

Cure and Maintenance

Whenever a seaman is in service to an employer, they have a right for an injury case. When seamen get hurt on seas, the employer must treat them with proper maintenance responsibility. The treatment until the maximum possible medical benefits are received is to be provided by the respective employer. These are eligible until their journey ends and such applicable laws for ship-owners are primarily to be followed.

Passenger Duty

Whenever Ships carry passengers, then they are fully responsible to take care of all passengers. Ship owner here is responsible for negligence claims which arise during the journey. The passengers can connect with Maritime Lawyer and bring their court to respective state and make proper law agreements based on injuries.

Mortgages and Liens

When companies who do business on international waters come under contractual disagreements, then such cases have to be registered as similar to business on land. This part of Maritime Lawyer does look for default in loans and other activities along with age disputes involving employees.

Treasure and Salvage

When a party recovers lost treasure and cargo, a question does look on how the recovered property has to be divided. In general the party who owns the property will have rights but the one who worked to recover the property will make a good percentage of shares. The Maritime Lawyer does look in such cases and bring a fair decision for parties.

Do Maritime Lawyers make a lot of money?

A Maritime Lawyer does have a good salary which is far better than a lawyer in states. The Maritime Lawyer has wide knowledge of law from all surroundings, thus based on their range of expertise they are being paid a high amount for their cases.

What does a Maritime Lawyer do?

The activities that a Maritime Lawyer does are conduct cases in court, drafting documents, negotiating agreements, solving litigations, taking injury cases and many other different cases. They also do cases against companies who dump hazardous waste into the sea and pollute the water.

Can a Maritime Lawyer do enough with state laws?

A Maritime Lawyer must have wide knowledge of state laws, foreign laws and international water laws. He should be strong enough to remember and deal with cases based on the injury place, as the national laws of one country are different from another which has to be clearly segregated during the case.

Who practices Maritime Law?

The admiralty law is highly skilled litigators, who understand the state laws and federal laws. They must have sound judgment to help their clients with proper forum and must apply laws with international agreements. The rule of procedure and body of law has to be clear to apply in cases which do benefit the client and also be fair with laws implemented. A Maritime Lawyer does represent multiple clients which do regularly need to study Maritime Law. A lawyer might actually need advisory capacity to handle disputes and litigation happening over sea waters.

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