Can You Buy a Car with a Credit Card

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Some decisions in life are to be made with research, review and reasoning and if you are thinking of buying a car with a credit card then it is a big thing and big decision in your life that you are taking.

Most of the dealers do not usually accept credit card and the simple reason is that most of the customers who buy a car do not use a credit card to purchase it. But it does not mean you cannot do it, you can simply opt for an EMI plan with your credit card as charge for the payment to pay for the EMI bills.

This all seems new and interesting yet there are a lot of things you need to be aware of before trying to use your credit card to buy a car. So, in this article we want to help you understand more about the process of buying your car with a credit card for educational and understanding purposes.

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How to Buy a Car with a Credit Card

Since you already know that you can buy a car with a credit card, then it is time for us to get into the process and methods we can simply follow to make it happen.

  • Cash advance: Check whether or not your credit card allows you cash advances which is allowing you to withdraw cash from your credit card and then you can use it to buy a car. Similar to the use of credit cards, cash advances i.e, withdrawal of cash comes with high fees and interest rates, so this option can be very expensive.
  • Balance transfer: You might move the remaining debt from your car purchase to a credit card that offers a low or introductory APR on balance transfers. To avoid interest charges, you must pay off the debt prior to the end of the introductory APR period and you must have enough available credit on the card to cover the cost of the vehicle.
  • Rewards points: You might be able to use reward points from a credit card to reduce the price of a vehicle if you have one. However, you’ll probably need a lot of points for this option, so you should verify with the company that issues your credit card to see if this kind of redemption is permitted.
  • Partial payment: You could use your credit card to make a portion of the payment and then use cash or a cheque to cover the remaining balance if your credit card has a credit limit that is sufficient. Nevertheless, bear in mind that most auto dealers only permit a certain portion of the purchase price to be paid with a credit card, so this might not be an option for a costly vehicle.

What are the Issues with Buying a Car with a Credit Card

Though buying a car with a credit card is possible but is it really something recommended and does it benefit it? Well, we understand from the points below what are the issues that you might come across when buying a car with a credit card.

  • Acceptance: Most car dealerships and private sellers do not accept credit cards for large purchases like cars due to high processing fees.
  • Credit limit: It is possible that the cost of the car may exceed your credit limit, which could prevent you from using your credit card to make the purchase.
  • Interest rates: If you are unable to pay off the balance on your credit card quickly, you may end up paying high interest rates, making it more expensive than a traditional auto loan.
  • Fees: Additional fees may be charged by some credit cards for cash advances or balance transfers, which can further increase the cost of using a credit card to purchase a car.
  • Credit score impact: Utilizing a significant portion of your available credit could negatively impact your credit score, potentially making it more challenging to get approved for future loans or credit.

Is it better to pay with a credit card for a car?

In general, it is not advised to use a credit card to purchase a vehicle as the majority of dealerships and private sellers do not take them due to high processing fees. It might be a good choice, though, if you can pay off the amount quickly and accrue rewards points.

Can I use a credit card to buy a car from a private seller?

It might be feasible, depending on the seller’s policy. To avoid paying high interest rates, you should be careful when using a credit card for large purchases and make sure you can swiftly pay off the balance.

Can I buy a car with a credit card online?

While it is feasible, buying a car online rarely uses this way of payment. When purchasing a vehicle online, you should exercise caution and make sure the seller is reputable.

Can I use my Amex to buy a car?

Amex cards are typically accepted for car purchases, though it relies on the dealership or seller’s policy. If the purchase amount exceeds your Amex credit limit, you might need to split the payment across multiple cards.

Can you buy a car with a credit card to get points?

Although it’s feasible, few private sellers and dealerships take credit cards for car purchases. Make sure you are aware of the costs and interest rates if you do discover a vendor who accepts credit cards.

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