How to Generate eWay Bill – Why eWay Bill Required

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Defined process presented to generate eway bill, Check how to generate e way bill and why required to generate…

eWay is an electronic bill that is generated for the movement of Goods. Any person having registration with GST cannot transport goods in their vehicle. This value does exceed more than 50,000 value. eWay bill must generate for the goods, else they will not allow to get transport to your desired location.

There is an existing waybill that can use to generate or cancel an e Way bill for your registered goods. An eWay Bill Number allocates to supplier, recipient, and transporter, to ensure goods registered.

When eWay Bill Issued

Any goods having value of Rs 50,000 above will have to generate eWaybill. This eWay related to the supplier through transporter to supply the goods to the recipient safely without charging extra.

eWay issued in relation to supply, for reason other a supply or return or due to inward supply from a person.

In any case of supplies, the following goods made for consideration during business or supply made for consideration of business or regarding the goods without usual supply. In the below consideration, an eWay Bill is must and must be a generator for your supply.

  1. Interstate Movement of any supply to the principal or registered job worker
  2. Intra state transport of goods by a dealer exempted from GST registration
Generate eWay Bill
Generate eWay Bill

Where does an eWay Bill Registered?

There are some certain rules that must check while generating the eWay Bill.

Registered Person: Any good that exceed 50,000 value above must generate an eWay to or from a registered person. These person can carry these bill while movement or placement of goods to any new location.

  1. Unregistered Person: If the goods price is high, even the unregistered persons asked to get an eWay Bill. If a person made a move for registered person, the registered person must ensure that their goods being received. This must have entire compliance met.
  2. Transporter: Any transport who does travel goods through road or rail or airways need to generate eWay for the entire conveyance, and if the same transporter is moving multiple goods, then they can use a GST EWB-02 to get a consolidated bill which does ensure a protection plan to entire goods.

How to Generate eWay Bill

eWay generated through the official portal getting access to them. Follow these detailed guidelines to get the eWay Bill generation for your goods bill.

  1. Visiting the eWay Online website form your browser
  2. Register yourself by clicking on eWay Bill registration Link at
  3. Use your Login and Password to Login to the eWay Bill Online
  4. In the home page, click on eWay and then click on Generate New
  5. Now enter the details as asked in the screen with your goods details
  6. Once entire details submitted, click on Submit Button
  7. Make sure you enter Vehicle Number and Transport ID in particular
  8. The System will validate the details and will throw an error if entered details does not validate with prerequisites.

Once everything confirmed, the eWay Bill will generate, which can be use to produce while transporting.

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