When eWay Bill is Not Required – Check Excempted Goods

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Eway bill is mandatory for goods transportation for some limits, but here know detailed information when eWay bill not required, goods exempted and transactions that have no requirement of it…

E-Way bill must be carried if the Goods are being transported beyond the agreed value form GST office. As the GST Law has introduced in India to get the consignment under proper rights and to let everyone follow the rules. This E-Way bill does help the government to track what is being transported and does record everything to ensure there is nothing wrong being done.

eWay Bill Requirement eWay Bill Validity
Modes of eWay Bill Generation eWay Bill Rejection Process

Getting transparency through digitizing the process of E-Way bills has held the office to track and record every consignment. There are few conditions as well which does allow you to transport the goods under the container without having the E-Way bill Generated.

NameEWay Bill
PurposeElectronically generated bill for transport of goods
Official websitehttps://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/
Help desk number18001034786
Email IdDepends on state
Link for Email Idhttps://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/html/Contactus.html

Goods Exempted and EWay bill not required

There are some scenarios during which the E-Way bill not required during movement of your goods in the consignment by the transporter. The below listed items can transports under the consignment without any E-Way bill.

  • Petroleum Gas for Supply to Domestic or Non-Domestic exempted category services
  • Kerosene Oil Sold under the PDS scheme
  • Any Baggage from Postal transportation by the departments of Post Office
  • Pears which Cultured or Natural or precious stones
  • Precious Metals & Metal Clad with precious items
  • Transportation of Currency
  • Household and Personal Used Items
  • World or unworked Coral Items
  • Alcoholic Liquor for Home Consumption as well the petroleum crude, petrol, natural gas and similar
  • Goods under the supply with Schedule III of the Act
  • Goods Carrying container which is empty
  • Curd, Lassi, Buttermilk
  • Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Cereals and Salt
  • Un-processed leaves of Teas and Coffee beans
  • Trees and Plants along with Live Animal
  • Wheat Flour or unbranded Rice packets
  • Books, Maps and other educational items

Transactions that not required E-Way bill

There are few transactions under which the e-Way bill are not require. As these do not exceed the value that agreed by the GST council.

  • e-Way bill not required for Goods Less than Rs.50,000
  • Handicraft Goods and Movement of Goods for job work under inter state
  • Goods transported under non-motorised conveyance
  • Any Goods Transported from port, airport, air cargo complex or land custom
  • Goods Transported in notified area and under customs supervision
  • Government authority transporting the Goods through rail or cargo
  • Goods Transported under the guidance of Ministry of Defense

In every condition that has said above and not require the e-Way bill. In this view the transporter must carry the GST bill or Tax Invoice Bill or Goods Invoice for the Goods to verify that it belongs to the sender song with basic details.

  1. What happens if an E-Way bill is not taken for Goods in the inter-state?

    If you're transporting the goods through the interstate boundary, then you must have got the e-Way bill Generated if they have met the GST law. In favour of such, the GST Law will be implemented, and the said penalty will be en-forced on the sender for not following the GST Law rules.

  2. Do Vegetables along with Fruits need E-Way bill?

    No, as per the GST law these vegetables and fruits do come under the essential commodities of the human. Thus any transporter carrying these items should not present the e-Way bill. But have to get the tax invoice bill taken from the buyer.

  3. Can E-Way bills cancel or update anytime?

    Yes, before the transportation date the e-Way bill can change with extra details or can cancel if the transportation placed. Senders must ensure to correct these details and update the e-Way bill to use for future use.

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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