Tea History

Tea Culture first Introduced in India by Britishers.Usually Tea plants grows in hill areas where climate is cold.

Types of Tea

Black Tea, Elachi Tea, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Pudina Tea, Masala Tea, Green Tea,Normal Tea.

Preparation of Tea

At first tea Consumed by putting fresh leaves in boiling water. Later Milk introduced in preparation.Now different types of preparations and flavors available in Tea powder.

Green Tea

Green tea is the oldest form consumed in the world. It mainly helps in improving brain function, increases fat burning, contains anti oxidants good for health, reduces bad odour from mouth and useful in type 2 diabetes.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea main benifits are it relieves from motion sickness, reduces nausia, maintains blood pressure, good for wieght loss, maintains blood sugar levels.

Black Tea

Black tea is the world's most popular tea. It  increases heart health, reduces risk of stoke, reduces blood sugar levels and reduces risk of stroke.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea prepared by using Honey. It Detoxifies body, boosts digestion, Good for skin health, Good for oram gums, It has anti inflamatory properties and good for Healthy heart.

Mint Tea

Mint tea also called pudina tea.It is good for Indigestion problems, weight loss, boosts immune system, provides allergy relief and reduces bad breath.

Elachi Tea

Elachi tea also called as Cardamom Tea. It mainly helps in Digestion, Immunesystem boosting, Dental protection and also good for healthy heart.

Masala Tea

Masala Tea

Masala tea main benifits are good for indigestion, protect body cell damage, boosts immunity, fights with bacteria, good for weight loss and reduces inflamation.

Normal Tea

This is normally available everywhere.Compared to other teas normal tea have less benefits. Mainly it increases focus by increasing energy levels.